Top 5 Scenes That Made Teen Wolf 5×16 Great

There has been a lot of chatter about last night’s Teen Wolf episode. The most common theme? It was awesome. What made it one of the most popular episodes of the season, if not the series? The acting and special effects were awesome throughout the episode, but there were five scenes that made “Lie Ability” so fantastic.

Natalie Martin. Finally FINALLY Lydia’s mom has stopped ignoring what is going on right in front of her eyes and goes to save Lydia. While she can’t get into Eichen House because of the lock down, she is ready and waiting to take down Tracy when she tries to take Lydia away from the pack. Apparently Lydia isn’t the only Martin woman capable of taking down the bad guys.

Mason. Mason is so wonderful. Definitely Stiles 2.0, even down to calling his werewolf best friend for help when he can’t complete his part of the plan. The scene in his car, where he has to talk himself into ramming his new car into a wall was hilarious and much-needed comic relief in a seriously intense episode.

Sarcastic StilesIn the past few episodes, fans have gotten glimpses of the old, sarcastic Stiles and “Lie Ability” is no different. Stiles is a fan favorite and pretty much everyone loves seeing him in his element, providing both wisdom and sarcasm even in the midst of the worst of situations.

Hellhound saves everyone from Lydia’s scream. Apparently one of the many abilities of a hellhound is to muffle a banshee’s scream so it doesn’t kill everyone around her. Thank you Parrish for saving our precious Scott, Liam, and Stiles. We are slowly getting more and more answers about the mysterious hellhound and we are seeing Parrish being able to use his powers for good. It’s about time. Parrish deserves this. Also, special effects in that scene were stinking incredible.

Stydia. Probably the most talked about aspect of the episode were all the Stydia feels. The ship’s fandom has been reinvigorated and have taken to all of social media to talk about it. There were several moments throughout the hour, but their last scene in the animal clinic takes the cake. Stiles looks like he is about to lose it when Lydia won’t wake up and Lydia looks at him like he is her hero. Whether you’re a Stydia shipper or not, Stiles and Lydia’s friendship was something special for a few seasons and it seems that, at the very least, this is a start of restoring that relationship (and, perhaps, starting something new).

Honorable Mention (because only choosing five was impossible):

Malia is a good friend. When Kira didn’t think she could control her powers while in Eichen House, she told Malia to leave and save herself. Malia responds “I’m not leaving you!” Remember in 4×1 when Malia told Stiles she wouldn’t leave him, but she would leave Lydia and Kira? That’s character growth, y’all.

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