Top 5 Moments on Supergirl Episode 1×13 “For The Girl Who Has Everything”


This week’s Supergirl had an emphasis on family. How it is not defined by blood or genetics but through love and sacrifice. Kara is faced with ghosts of her past and is confronted with her hardest battle yet.

WARNING: Spoilers from this week’s episode of Supergirl will be shared in this article. Do not read further if you have not watched.

Kara’s Perfect Life: Last week we saw Kara getting attacked by a parasite called the Black Mercy. The Black Mercy is able to go into their host’s subconscious and feed off their most wanted desires and make them into the host’s “reality”. The only way to defeat the Black Mercy is to resist its offerings of the perfect life. We see Kara do this in the beginning of the episode as she realizes that Krypton is only in illusion and that Non might be behind her hallucinations.

Kara eventually succumbs to her perfect fantasy when she sees her parents and aunt Astra. No war or threat of destruction has affected Krypton meaning that they could all be together as a family. Along with a surprising guest, Superman, well Kal-El. Although Kal was much younger, you knew that if Kara was able to stay on Krypton she and Kal would have experienced so much together and she would have been able to protect him like she had promised. Kara would have gotten to be with the family that she had lost and have her perfect life.

Kara’s visions show the audience just how much Kara’s family had sacrificed in order to keep each other safe. Kara says at the end of this episode that for a while she had felt lost and alone on Earth and whenever she had those feelings she would think about Krypton and how she felt more of a belonging there than she had felt on Earth. This made Kara’s resistance against the Black Mercy all the more painful because once she was brought back to reality she had once again lost the family that she knew and all her pain was relived.

Kara confronted Non and through her pain she found strength. She was born on Krypton but raised on Earth, and now belongs to both worlds. It was through love and acceptance that Kara pulls through and defeats the Black Mercy, all the while validating that both Krypton and Earth are both in her heart.

The Danvers Sisters: Through this season we have seen Kara and Alex as a team and it has always been because of the love they have for each other and how family is most important to them. This episode was no different where Alex took charge and made sure that nothing stood in her way when it came to helping Kara. When Alex confronted Kara’s mother Alura she admitted that she resented Kara when she was younger. She wasn’t as accepting when it came to welcoming Kara because Alex thought she was strange and embarrassing to be around. Alex realized that all Kara wanted was to be around her because Alex was now family in Kara’s eyes. She viewed Alex as a big sister and has always relied on her and wanted to protect her. It was Alex’s turn to protect Kara and she did that with the help of Maxwell Lord (who is still in the DEO’s possession).

Alex travels through Kara’s subconscious into her fantasy world and confronts Kara. Alex reminds Kara that life is full of loss and Kara’s world of perfection is just too perfect to be true. Kara has sacrificed so much when it comes to her life on Krypton and her life on Earth. Being Supergirl and Kara Danvers takes a lot of sacrifice on Kara’s part and when she is on Krypton she can be herself.

Alex’s knows though that Kara chose the role of Supergirl because it has always been in her. Kara wishes to help people, especially those she loves. If it weren’t for Kara exposing her powers in the first place Alex would have died on that plane crash earlier this season. Alex pleads with Kara to remember her life with the people who care about her and to remember how she is wanted and needed by so many people as Supergirl. Most importantly, Kara is needed by her sister who will fight and protect her, no matter what the cost.

Alex’s Secret: This cost comes at a steep price when Alex uses a Kryptonian blade to stab Astra and kill her. Astra was on the verge of killing Hank and through earlier confrontation; Alex described her and Astra’s relationship as nonexistent. This makes Alex feel guiltier because even though she didn’t have any emotional ties to Astra, Kara most certainly did.

Hank took the fall for Alex saying there was no other way leaving Kara and Astra to have one emotional goodbye. Kara knew that deep down Astra may have been able to turn to the side of good but that day will never come, and I’m sure Alex will have to deal with the consequences of her decision in later episodes.

Non’s Plan: Through the episode we see Non and Astra making plans for an operation they call Myriad. Through their plane Non had been able to make a virus that made it impossible for the DEO to track him or his ultimate end game. One thing is for sure and that is Non has the extra motivation to keep fulfilling his plan because now he is out for revenge for the murder of his wife.

Family Is Everything: Family is what drives Kara everyday. Her role as Supergirl wouldn’t be possible without the love and guidance of Alex, James, Winn, Hank, Cat, and even Clark Kent. When Kara was unconscious Alex was the one fighting with every fiber in her to bring Kara back. She told James to not let anyone pull her out because she wouldn’t come back without Kara. James and Winn were constantly by Kara’s side making sure that she would pull through. Hank even shape shifted into Kara for the day and faced the wrath of Cat Grant. Cat was a force to be reckoned with, not giving “Kara” any slack and being pretty vicious when it came to having that boss/employee relationship that was discussed in last week’s episode.

Hank believes both Alex and Kara are his family so it was nice to see him care so much. He didn’t want to lose them both and tried to make Kara’s life a little bit easier (even though I’m pretty sure Kara will be getting an earful next time she is at work). The final scene of this episode was heartwarming and sincere with Kara admitting why she made Krypton her safe place but realizing that Earth is her home now. Especially with her loved ones by her side.


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