Top 5 Moments on Supergirl Episode 1×12 “Bizarro”

Supergirl 1x12

This week’s episode of Supergirl had everything from doppelgangers to James’ ultimate confession and Kara once again struggling with her double life.

WARNING: Spoilers from this week’s episode of Supergirl will be shared in this article. Do not read further if you have not watched.

Supergirl 1x12

Maxwell Lord or Dr. Frankenstein?: Maxwell reached new points of villainy when he made his very own Supergirl (Bizarro). Playing the role of Dr. Frankenstein he created “new life” from an innocent woman who was a Jane Doe and brain-dead. The sad part of all of this is that it took Maxwell seven tries to perfect his “creation” meaning six other Jane Does had to be used for this twisted experiment. He wanted to create a superhero for his own bidding, but why was it so essential for that person to look exactly like Kara? Maybe it was because Maxwell had been spying on her and her sister Alex. Through hidden cameras Maxwell was able to figure out Kara’s other life along with the people she loves the most. This news does not sit well with Alex and she takes matters into her own hands by showing some serious badassness and putting Maxwell in a cell at the DEO. This is a game changer for the show because now that Maxwell knows Kara’s secret you know he will be using it to his full advantage.

Supergirl 1x12

Three’s a Crowd: Last week we saw Adam Foster (AKA Cat Foster’s son) ask Kara out on a date and it was Kara’s chance to finally have a bit of romance in her life. Adam and Kara seemed to really hit it off on date #1 and really establish a connection. When Adam complimented Kara on her ability to see and understand people who are lost it felt like Kara had finally made that connection that she always hoped for. Kara certainly knows the feeling of not belonging or feeling out-of-place in the world and having Adam say that he wanted to be there for Kara was completely swoon worthy.

Of course a superhero’s job is never done and Kara had to cut the date short. However, Kara got a second chance with date #2 and she and Adam got to have a heart-heart with Kara explaining how difficult it was to be normal and to find balance in the world. Adam reassures her that no one ever feels normal and Kara goes in for the kiss! (Cue the inner fangirl screams because Melissa and Blake were off the charts with the chemistry). But it all came to a halt when Bizzaro came in and crashed the date. This made Kara reassess her baggage and decide that she doesn’t have room for anyone new in her life. She doesn’t want someone to become important to her later on and then have that person be in danger. Kara’s life as Supergirl is never going to be easy, and her sacrificing her normalcy is one of the most admirable things about her.

If she had continued to date Adam she would have always been juggling between her life as Supergirl and as Kara making Adam her second priority. By letting Adam go she actually put him first and made sure his safety would be put above all else. She made this decision not only as Supergirl but also as Kara. This decision was not taken well by Cat and she made it very clear to Kara that their relationship would only be professional from here on out. This hits Kara in ways that makes her realize that the line between herself and Supergirl is getting more difficult to maintain.

Supergirl 1x12

Kara vs. Kara: They say we all have a twin out there, but I’m pretty we wouldn’t find our twin with the name Bizarro. Like many people predicted, Bizarro made her appearance in this week’s Supergirl and she did not disappoint. With the same abilities as Kara, Bizarro was able to hold her own when fighting and made it her sole mission to kill Kara. With the character of Bizaro being so violent it would be assumed that having any feelings for the character would be the last thing anyone would think about.

The writers did a great job of making sure that Bizarro had a voice. She believed Supergirl to be evil thanks to Maxwell Lord, but she soon realized that Kara was never a threat. As Supergirl, Kara only wants to help others and fight for the planet she calls home. Bizarro realizes this and that is where Maxwell failed. He created Bizarro with the same physical and emotional abilities as Kara. Kara has compassion and love for those who may be misunderstood. She looks for the best in others and let’s her heart be her guide.

When Kara and Bizarro are having their moment before Bizarro is put under, you feel something for Bizarro because this wasn’t a choice that she made for herself. Bizarro was sorry and felt regret for what she was trying to do and in that moment the audience could feel Bizarro being her own person and not being Supergirl. Hopefully this will not be the last time we see Bizarro. I’d like to see her fight for the side of good one day along with Kara. Together as partners.

Supergirl 1x12

James’ Confession: When Bizarro kidnapped James the audience immediately knew that James would be the best choice to lure Kara to her. This was news to James, not because of the fact that Kara would save him, but because Kara in fact loves him. It’s been a long time coming but many #Karolsen shippers were very excited when James finally (indirectly) acknowledged his feelings for Kara. He told Bizarro that he loves Kara for her bravery and kindness and ability to always try to do the right thing for others. Of course nothing is more tension filled than a slow burn romance. So James once again puts his feelings aside and has his “act normal” face on when everyone is safe, as does Kara. When will these two speak out about their feelings for each other is for another episode, but one can hope right?

Supergirl 1x12

Kara’s Normalcy: This episode reflected a lot on how Kara continues to struggle with the pressures of superhero and regular life. Whether it be saving the world and bailing on a date, or realizing that a secret identity can jeopardize the relationships around you. Kara continues to question her past and her true self. Next week’s episode we will see what Kara’s life can be like without the burden of having a double life thanks to the Black Mercy. Kara may be experiencing her new normal, but will that be enough?


Supergirl airs Monday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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