The 100 Cosplay: How To Fit In With The Ice Nation Army

Once again the wonderful Wendy Biscuit has given us a tutorial about how to Cosplay the Ice Nation army…you know, like Bellamy did in the second episode of this new season.

First, a trip to the nearest Army Surplus store for regular digi camo BDU’s like these:

Digi Camo

Then you’ll need a natural sea sponge and artists loft acrylic paint like these:

acrylic brush & sponge

Sponge paint black acrylic paint onto the digi camo BDU’s.

sponge paint

Make sure to achieve a nice even mottled base with one layer of black acrylic, one layer of raw umber like seen here:

raw umber camo

The final step to this part of the cosplay is titanium white acrylic which adds a snow kissed element to the outfit.


When the camos are completed, they should look something like this:

Ice Nation

Now, the mask. When completed, it should look like this:

Ice Nation Mask

First, gather the items you want to use to create your mask. Any recyclables will do.  Then add textured spray paint like so:

textured spray paint

Then add blood and guts using the recipe that was featured in the previous article about The 100 Cosplay.

blood & guts

Finally, when all the pieces are dried and put together, the mask should look something like this one that Wendy’s son is wearing:

Mask example

Combine the mask and the camos and voila! Scary Ice Nation army warrior!

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  1. Another great tutorial! Did u use a mask like for painters to put stuff on or did u made all by yourself?
    And will the trousers work for trikrew grounder a as well, if I leave out the “snow-hint”?
    Thanks for ur answer and greetings from Germany!

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