Talya’s Tips for Getting Noticed by Your Fav on Social Media


Since the start of social media I have noticed a vast shift in how we treat celebrities. We have gone from appreciating their work to having a sense of entitlement over every aspect of their lives. We have forgotten that they are people just like us.

Pretty much everyone would love attention from their favorite celebrity, it’s human nature, but sometimes I think we go about it the wrong way. We harass them. We tell them our sexual fantasies. We tell them our problems. It’s almost like they have become our own personal therapist and when they don’t give us back what we feel they should some people get very nasty towards them. Again we forget that, like us, they are just human beings.

I decided to share some ways that I and friends have been noticed by celebrities but in a positive way. A way that shows the celebrity that we respect them and their work.

So here are my top 8 tips for getting your favorite celebrity’s attention.

Celebrities Are Human Beings Too

Keep in mind that every single celebrity is a human being. What this means is that they have feelings, emotions, and life experiences just like you do. Show them some respect and they just might show some back to you.

Actors Are Not the Characters They Play

Repeat after me: Actors are NOT the characters they play. You may know their characters inside and out, but you don’t know the person behind the character. They have life experiences and personalities that you honestly have no clue about. Not unless you have been able to get to know them on a personal level.

Chances are their personalities are vastly different from the characters they play. Essentially an actor’s job is to fool you into thinking they are that character. The really good ones do this flawlessly. That’s what they are being paid to do. So it can be easy to confuse the person behind the character as if they are actually that character in their real life but chances are they aren’t.

Don’t Be a Dirty Birdie

Take a look at any celeb’s first comment to their post. 9 times out of 10 it’s someone telling them the dirty things they want to do to them. Everyone has fantasies. (Yes, even I have them. Shhhhhh just don’t tell anyone.) That’s perfectly normal. Though not everyone should go into explicit detail about them to someone who amounts to a complete stranger. Want to stand out? Keep it clean.

Have a Healthy Debate

If you disagree with them give them a logical reason why. Don’t resort to name calling. Name calling makes people shut down to you emotionally. This never changes anything. A logical reason why you disagree with them fosters conversation. Which is a good thing. It allows people to see both sides and make up their own mind. You may not always agree in the end but at least you gave it your best shot.

Ask How Their Day Was

Everybody loves being asked how their day was. Yes, even celebrities. I actually think they like it more than the average person.

Celebs get asked every question under the sun. They get asked about their projects. They get asked about their charities. They get asked inappropriate things. (Remember #3?) I’m sure they would appreciate someone simply wondering how their day is going.

Fan Art

Everyone loves getting presents but it doesn’t take thousands of dollars in gifts to get your favorite celebrity’s attention. A simple piece of fan art can mean more than buying them an expensive gift. With fan art they know you have put your heart, soul, and time into a gift for them. Which means more to a lot of people than buying expensive gifts.

Fan art doesn’t always have to be a drawing. I personally can’t draw a straight line. Let alone an amazing picture of my favorite celebrity. It can be a sculpture you’ve made. It can be a collage. It can be a piece of jewelry you designed. Your imagination is really the only limit to creating fan art. Be creative and think outside the box!

Bring the Humor

Everyone loves to laugh. So why not try to give your fav a giggle or two.

There is a celeb, that shall remain nameless, that some of my friends were trying to get a follow from. I can be a cheeky stinker at the best of times. Well I went on a roll that night. At the end I specifically said I didn’t need or want a follow from this person. I just wanted to try to make my friends happy and maybe help them get a follow. When I woke up the next day all of us had been followed. He loved that we just had fun with it and it made him laugh.

Another time I was live tweeting a show that one of my favorite actors is on. I honestly made fun of the show and the actor’s character. (Not in a mean way. It was more tongue in cheek.) This is a celebrity who does not follow fans and rarely ever tweets them. At the end of my live tweeting I noticed his picture in my activities tab. It took me a second to realize that he had actually followed me. All because I made him laugh.

Honestly this is the most successful way, that I have found, of getting attention.

Don’t Spam

Don’t spam FOLLOW ME!!!!! or pretty much spamming anything else. Remember some celebs get thousands of tweets every single day. Yes it does make it easier to spot you among all the other tweets BUT it gets very frustrating for that person. Try to put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if that were happening to you? Not a nice feeling is it?


So there you have it. My top eight tips for getting the attention of your favorite celeb. Please keep in mind that they don’t always work. It’s up to the celebrity to decide to respond back. Trust me it doesn’t always work for me but it does work a lot. Especially with lesser known celebrities.

If you have any positive tips on how to get your fav’s attention that you would like to share leave them in the comments section down below! Good luck & have fun!

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