Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards (February 21st-27th)


BEST BADASS CHARACTER: the vampire diaries

bonnie bennett


We all know Bonnie is a powerful witch. She’s spent years and seasons using magic to save EVERYONE on The Vampire Diaries. You name a TVD character – she’s probably saved them. More than once. She’s risked her own life countless times to save friends. She’s proven again and again that she’s the real TVD MVP. And this week was no different. After Bonnie’s magic was taken away by Enzo, she still managed to rescue Damon. Enzo locked up Damon and Tyler in a cell, which usually wouldn’t be a life threatening problem. However, with the threat of the approaching full moon, Damon’s life was (surprise! Surprise!) in danger. Bonnie cut off Enzo’s hand (with an axe!) to unlock Damon and once again saved her best friend.  #BAMON. Let that sink in. Magic-free (human) Bonnie maimed vampire Enzo. How much more badass can someone be? 

Honorable Mention: The Shadowhunters (Clary Fray)


jackson breaks the crib


As I write this I’m still crying… #JapriltheMovie was filled with heartbreaking moments. We knew they were coming, and we came prepared with tissues. Boxes and boxes of tissues. While we impatiently waited to find out if Jackson and April were getting divorced, we witnessed countless flashbacks of the couple. The most heartbreaking one was of Jackson. We knew the loss of child destroyed both April and Jackson. How could it not? However, watching Jackson try to disassemble Samuel’s crib destroyed this viewer. After injuring himself on the crib, Jackson broke down. He wrecked the crib. He wrecked Samuel’s room. And he wrecked this fan’s heart. April – we know you needed to heal yourself. We get why you left Seattle. We understand you, but boy did Jackson need a hug right then. Or a dancing partner. #StillTeamJapril. KUDOS to Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew. They acted their butts off and it showed. #EmmysForGreys #EmmysforJesseandSarah

Honorable Mention: Arrow (Olicity break-up) and Grey’s Anatomy (April signs the divorce papers)


full house gang is back together


It’s been 20+ years since Full House went off the air, and we said goodbye to the Tanner’s and Kostopolis’. 20 long years. And now fans have witnessed the MOST HEARTFELT REUNION of the 21st century. The gang’s back together (minus Michelle who’s in NY…plus Kimmy Gibbler) living under the same roof. They’re singing, eating meals and solving problems together. It’s almost like they never left us. And we couldn’t be happier, because “when you’re lost out there and you’re all alone, a light is waiting to carry you home…everywhere you look.”

FUNNIEST SCENE: the shadowhunters

simon makes a vampire checklist


Ever since Simon was kidnapped by vampires and taken to Hotel Dumort, fans wondered what was happening to their favorite mundane. Was he becoming a vampire? Had Camille turned him? After becoming stronger, hallucinating, and having peculiar reactions to blood, Simon decided it was time to make himself a vampire checklist. What followed was a hilarious scene thanks to Alberto Rosende (and writer Peter Binswanger).  ‘Thirst for blood, sensitivity to light, hallucinations, and voices in my head’ were on the “YES! I am becoming a vampire” column. While ‘love of garlic’ was on the “No. I’m not becoming a vampire” column.


octavia blake


Octavia’s been fitting in with the Grounders ever since landing – she’s never felt at home in space. This episode was pure kickass Octavia. She’s working undercover with Kane to spy on Chancellor Pike’s doings, and this episode leads her to a thrilling chase through the dense forestry to protect a Grounder child, a brief fight with one of the Grounder villagers as she tries to warn them of Pike’s actions, culminating in consequence for Octavia. Pike now knows Octavia’s warned the Grounders–but the sequence in which the villagers light their flamed arrows and set the village on poisonous fire is a sight to die for. Octavia Blake was a real action hero this week. (contributed by Nicola Choi)

cutest moment: THE 100

clarke draws lexa


In a lovely parallel to the season two episode “Survival of the Fittest”, in which a smitten Lexa watches over Clarke sleep, the roles are reversed in the beginning scene of The 100. Clarke sketches Lexa as she sleeps, her face peaceful and free of the tenuous duty she’s endured (“draw me like one of your French girls, Clarke…” #Bitanic) but Lexa soon is jolted awake by a nightmare. Clarke comforts her, and as Lexa gathers the items she knocked aside upon awaking, she happens across Clarke’s sketch. Clarke’s adorably mumbled “…It’s..not finished yet…” solidifies that whilst politically they may clash, as ever, their personal growth is blossoming. (Contributed by Nicola Choi)

best plot-twist: grey’s anatomy

april’s pregnant


After signing divorce papers Arizona (and fans) assumed April would want to drink. Drink and drink and drink. Anything to forget about the pain and heartbreak the divorce has caused her. Arizona, being the supportive friend that she is, brings wine over to console April. However, in a shocking turn of events, April cannot drink because she’s possibly pregnant!!! Was the test correct? Will she tell Jackson? What does this mean for Japril? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Honorable Mention: The 100 (Polaris/13th Station reveal) and Teen Wolf (Mason is the Beast) 

That’s it for this week! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments and let us know if we missed anything or if there are any categories you would like us to add! We will see you next week with more Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards! 

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