Ship Wars: Agent Carter

ABC’s hit drama Agent Carter has quickly become a fan favorite for the winter season of television. It is an action-packed hour of television with suspense, loyalty, friendship, and, yes, romance. With the introduction of some new characters, relationship possibilities grew for Peggy Carter, and season two seems to be taking the opportunity to explore these possibilities. While Agent Carter is not a romance outright and deserves to be recognized as more than such, it is still fun to speculate on who would be a good romantic partner for her. So that is what we are doing this week. Who do you think is best for Peggy?

Daniel Sousa. Agent Carter and now Chief Sousa met in season one. Fans watched as their friendship seemed to be a little more than that, with Sousa often being the only man in the SSR who believed Peggy should be treated the same as all the other agents, despite her being a female. Their feelings for each other were pretty obvious, but Sousa discovering Carter was working to help Howard Stark was thought to be the end of their almost-relationship. Now that Peggy is in Los Angeles working with Daniel again, is there hope for them or is their relationship too far gone, especially with him having a serious girlfriend?

peggy and daniel


Jason Wilkes. Mr. Wilkes is new this season and has been assisting Agent Carter in her investigation of zero matter. A brilliant scientist studying zero matter, but realizes the people he works for might not be doing what they should be, he wants to help Peggy in any way he can. From early on, he makes it clear he wants to help because he believes it is right, but he also wants to spend time with her. While denying her feelings for Wilkes to her co-workers, the two flirt often and have great chemistry. Is Peggy over her feelings for Sousa and ready for a relationship with someone else? Will Mr. Wilkes ever figure out what the interaction with zero matter did to him and become corporeal again?

peggy and jason

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