Review: “February 29 (Marry Me)” by Charly Cole

Charly Cole is a nineteen year-old powerhouse of a singer songwriter.  Charly’s musical style has an almost contagious country-pop backdrop that allows her to tackle some serious topics while still providing a catchy melody, memorable lyrics and an upbeat tempo. You can read all about Charly and her decision to move to LA on her own at 16, in our Exclusive Interview.

“Marry Me”, the third single released from Charly’s debut album Gotcha, is autobiographical and the video that accompanies the song’s release used her own experience with a proposal gone wrong to bring the lyrics to life.  The song and video are both well-engineered and well produced offering a high quality listening experience.

Charly’s enthusiasm is contagious and you will find it hard to sit still and not sing along with her bright lyrics and peppy melody.  She plays guitar and the piano and was experienced in studio work even before she recorded her debut album.

Gotcha and “February 29 (Marry Me)” can be purchased on iTunes and Amazon.  You can view her music videos on Charly’s You Tube channel.

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