Review: Day One by From Ashes to New

From Ashes to New is a rap/rock group that gained their initial audience by tirelessly campaigning on social media.  The band was formed by front men Matt Brandberry and Chris Musser.  These two frustrated musicians put their own money on the line to bring their message to their growing fan base.  From Ashes to New is a rock/rap band with a message… a message decidedly different from others in this genre.  FAtN’s songs speak of redemption, liberation and personal salvation.  Matt and Chris write songs that promote the positive and offer hope to a new generation of listeners.

Day One, which will drop on February 26, 2016, is their first full length album.  It offers eleven tracks that drive home the band’s message of positive change.  Matt and Chris trade-off vocals in a carefully choreographed and intricate dance.  Their voices are very different and yet still these guys layer and blend these disparate sounds to enhance the straightforward lyrics.  Matt also provides musical support on guitar and keys.  Providing a framework for these powerful songs are Branden Kreider (guitar, vocals), Lance Dowdle (guitar) and Tim D’Onofrio (drums).

No one instrument dominates the tracks.  These skilled musicians seem comfortable with the music as well as with each other.  The melodies and rhythms twist and turn around one another in an intricate pattern giving the voices a complex and yet supportive wall of music to climb.  With Day One, From Ashes to New delivers uplifting music that inspires listeners to be the best possible versions of themselves.

Listen to their breakthrough single, “Through it All” and judge for yourself.  This first single is in rotation on Sirius XM Octane and is available at iTunes.

Day One was recorded and produced by Better Noise Records.

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