Phoenix Comicon 2016: Who the Fans Want to See

Comicon: that magical time of year when you get to see actors, artists, authors, cosplayers, and a whole host of celebrities, big and small. But who do the people most want to see?

This writer took to the Phoenix Comicon fan group on Facebook, otherwise known as the Blue Ribbon Army or BRA for short (not to be confused with the official Phoenix Comicon Facebook page), to find out what kind of guest the fans were most excited to see. When given the options of movie/TV guest, comic artists/writers, authors, cosplayers, and other, this is how it broke down:

Movie/TV guest: 66%

Comic artists/writers: 16%

Author: 9%

Cosplayers: 6%

Other: 3%

Movie and TV personalities were the clear winners here with 2/3 of the votes, but comic writers were a strong second place. There were also a few fans who are looking forward to seeing authors, cosplayers, or other guests. With the con still over three months away not all of the guests have been announced, so these numbers can still change, but it’s obvious that there’s already a ton of excitement generated by the con and its guests. Phoenix Comicon rises again June 2-5!

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