Night Argent’s Self-Titled EP Poised to Take Over the Rock Scene in 2016

As an old rocker, it takes a lot to get my musical attention, but Night Argent has done it. This five piece band out of Washington State made a splash in 2015, with a self-produced music video, a place on Vans Warped tour, along with racking up a few major music awards, including the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. The band’s EP has a polished, confident sound normally reserved for bands with much more experience.

From the lyrically lush and powerful “Nothing More Beautiful” to the heartbreaking “Widowmaker,” Chase Manhattan scores as a lead singer with a powerhouse voice. As a whole, the EP is melodic, has great hooks, and has arena worthy percussion by Zac Burrell. “Comet (Light It Up)” is a slower, thoughtful piece with a great sing along chorus. “Tower” has a primal beat while “Kamikaze” sparkles with pop rock energy. The EP finishes with a “deconstructed” slower version of “Nothing More Beautiful” where you can really feel the impact of the band’s powerful and beautiful lyrics. With the strong guitar of Jeff Stachofsky and the rest of the band (Shane Santanna (keys), Evan Taylor (bass), Night Argent has produced a tight, almost symphonic, genuinely unique sound. I’ve got it on repeat as I write this, taking a huge bite out of my Shinedown obsession. This reviewer is already ready for more!

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