Netsky Released Interactive Music Video for Song “Work It Out”

netskyNetsky has released the world’s first known interactive online music video for their new single, “Work It Out” featuring the Digital Farm Animals. The music video can be watched on your smartphone or desktop and allows the watcher to control what happens throughout each scene. To start the video you must drag a tape into the tape player, then as each scene progresses, the video allows you to drag you finger (or mouse) up and down on the screen to determine what occurs in each different scene.

The music video tells the story of a teenager who is being bullied at school, but through his anger and helplessness he discovers he has telekinetic powers and is able to make objects float and move around with the power of his mind. It is up to the viewer to control the objects that are floating along with items such as hearts and lighting bolts.

To create the interactive video, Netsky teamed up renowned UK music video creators Powster, and Vevo, a team renowned for interactive and innovative video technology.

The song itself is a feel-good tune which starts off slow before picking up with pace with signature electronic beats, heavy drums and piano. Once you have experienced the video, hit play on the song again so you can jump around the room singing “We can, we can, we can work it out !”

Check out the video here

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