Jared Padalecki and David Sutcliffe Confirmed to Return to Stars Hollow

Only one day after announcements that four additional cast members would be joining the Gilmore Girls revival the major confirmation came, Jared Padalecki would be reprising his role as Dean Forester.


Jared Padalecki has come to see significant fame since Gilmore Girls went off the air. Padalecki has gone on to play Sam Winchester on Supernatural. Many fans wondered how he was going to find the time between filming his hit show to make an appearance. Well, we can now confirm he did. Padalecki is set to appear in at least one of the four 90-minute episodes. Just yesterday Padalecki was in Austin “taking care of some business” and posted a picture on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.13.58 AM

In addition to Padalecki’s announcement, another fan favorite, David Sutcliffe will also be returning as Christopher Hayden, Rory’s dad.


Sutcliffe appeared in 37 episodes throughout the Gilmore Girls run and although the show ended with a hint that Luke might have gotten the girl, does this mean that there is still a chance for Christopher? Sutcliffe is also confirmed for at least one of the four 90-minute episodes.

Again, all of the episodes will take place in current time — about eight years since we last saw the characters. Keep checking our main post for the latest on all the Gilmore Girls cast announcements.

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