Fanuary: idobi Radio Presents First Annual Fan Appreciation Month

Dashboard Confessional, Memphis May Fire, Simple Plan and other artists are sharing the love with fans beginning February 15th, 2016 and lasting until the end of the month. This exclusive event is dedicated to idobi fans and supporters around the world.

“To show our love for the people supporting all our crazy dreams, idobi recruited artists and hosts from around the world to swap stories and show their appreciation for the fans. Without the people repping their love for the music industry everyday, there wouldn’t be an industry-so, fans, this one’s for you.” – the idobi family.

Simple Plan is also offering fans something special: an exclusive listening party with track by track commentary of their new album, “Taking One For The Team” February 19th at 7 p.m. EST. The album will stream in its entirety via idobi Radio. Other bands, like Giants At Large and ROAM will also be doing special “love notes” only on, and a few lucky fans will be chosen to co-host episodes of Eddie, Jason & Chris, Gone Fishkin, and Let’s Talk Music with Sara Scoggins.

Keep your ears – and eyes – open during the rest of the month for in stream fan features and “Top Secret Dossiers” on the most dedicated fan supporters of idobi.

Idobi is “the #1 alternative rock digital stream in the world” and has won the “Best Single Stream Webcaster” at the RAIN Awards in addition to being the sixth internet radio station in the world fifth commercially. Sitting on the list with Pandora , Spotify, iHeartMedia and ESPN Radio, the station has an average of 5.5 million monthly tune-ins and hosts over 72 million ad impressions. The idobi Network also includes digital musical streams idobi Howl, idobi Anthem, and idobi Electra.

The idobi network is owned by alt-rock mega-stars Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, Sebastian Lefebvre and Chuck Comeau of Simple Plan in addition to music industry veterans Tom Cheney and Eddie Barella.

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