Fandom Speaks: Jane the Virgin Chooses Michael

Some in the Jane the Virgin fandom are ecstatic and some are in denial. Either way, Tumblr has been flooded today with thoughts, feelings, and theories about the last moments of Monday night’s show when Michael stood outside Jane’s door and told her that he still loved her and ask if she loved him, too.

Take a look at some of the more entertaining of the myriad of posts on social media:

bc JTV pissed me off LOL

I’m just so mad about the episode of Jane the Virgin last night. Like I know that the whole getting back with Michael will blow up because, it’s supposed to be like a telenovela, but like COME ON, Jane seriously needs to stop holding on to the past and be the brave person that she is and stop putting on blinders whenever Micheal comes in the picture. like he got your baby kidnapped because he let Nadine go -____- and she’d rather trust Michael and not Rafael who turned Micheal in BUT THEN MICHAEL DIDN’T EVEN GET THAT FIRED??? -___________________- like i swear this show hates Rafael or something because that guy can’t catch a damn break. I hate how they put Michael on this damn pedestal when he did so many bad things for himself and Raf gets thrown to the side when he does good things for his own family.


No offense but I vote for writing out Michael and then bringing back professor hottie after he’s been on that sabbatical so they can fuck for real bc I need that to happen think of my sanity


Okay but like, how is it that every time Jane’s with someone other than Rafael, she imagines a petal falling off during a horrible situation (first time with Michael, first time with the professor), but when she was with Rafael (after she broke up with Michael & in the pool) petals were falling off as a good sign, like she felt it was right and brave in those situations. Like how does that not tell you who she ends up with?? I JUST HAVE SO MANY FEELS FOR THEM -___-


Jane and Michael are so cute together plsssssssss


Okay general thoughts, wedding theories and Jane x Rafael hopes (SPOILERS!!!!)

Let’s start with the fact that we still have 10 episodes or so to go with this season (and the eventual wedding). we’ve seen how much can happen in just one episode and we still have 10 to go, so let’s chill a little.

Jane x Michael and Rafael x Petra makes sense NOW. Jane had her heart-broken by Rafael, she’s still hurt and michael had never hurt her like that, and they were in a relationship for 3 years, it makes sense that she still is holding on to that. To Michael. the good guy. The guy who didn’t break her heart. you know? She holds on to the next best thing.

And Rafael loved Petra. They wanted kids together, and now… they’re having it. And Rafael goes back to those days when there was only Petra and he loved her so much. Now that he understands all the craziness that happened between her and her mother… he feels like he knows her again. They were married, and he’s holding on to that. To the Petra he married. The Petra he loved. The Petra he wanted to have kids. His next best thing. So yeah. Jane and Rafael are holding on to their past. And that’s okay. For now.

Now I have 2 wedding theories

1) During the season Jane and Rafael will get their shit together and they’ll get married the end. I think this one isn’t happening.

2) Theory 2 is a little cliché but this is a telenovela. Don’t forget that. Also it’s based on the fact that Jennie Urman said that the wedding is important to Jane and Rafael’s relationship at the moment. Ok, so Jane and Rafael will continue (or try to continue) with their friendship the way it’s going while Rafael tries to move on (I think that’s gonna be his main thing during the season), Jane and Michael will go on. Michael will propose and Jane’s gonna say yes, Rafael is gonna try to be cool, etc. There’s gonna be a wedding, and Rafael after telling Jane that he’s okay, and that he said he was gonna fight for their family, even if family included Michael. Something cute like that idk. Anyway, Rafael is gonna attend the wedding and sit in the front row with baby Mateo obv. And Jane’s gonna walk down the aisle and when she sees Rafael, holding their baby, whispering to Mateo ‘look at mommy’, she’s gonna realize that she’s giving up on that. She’s gonna look at Michael and realize that maybe… it’s not enough. Michael is not enough. From there on it’s the whole telenovela story, she’s gonna mentally ask for a signal or she’s gonna have a ‘be brave’ flashback, and she’s not gonna go through with the wedding. Maybe run away with Rafael and Mateo into the sunset. you know…. telenovela. Even if it’s not exactly like this, it could be in this line. Obviously with a lot more detail and confusion during the season, but you know what I mean.

Ok now why I still think it’s not the end for Jane x Rafael

1) Jennie Urman said she already knew how everything was going to end since the beginning when they only had a 13 episodes order from the CW and everything in those early episodes point to jane and Rafael.

2) When Jane and Rafael kissed for the second time (6th episode, remember? within the 13 episodes), while the flowers fell around them, the narrator said that Jane’s life was changed forever. Therefore, what was before is not gonna be again. they can try, but it won’t be again. Because her life was changed forever the moment she started something with Rafael.

3) Mentioning Jane and Rafael’s relationship while talking about the wedding at the same time that confirms that it’s not their wedding it also shows that it’s gonna be something important to their relationship. I mean, why would she even mention them right?

4) The house. Remember how much emphasis there was around the house Rafael bought for them? How Jane was honestly happy with the idea of that house with Rafael and that future. Why would they put so much emphasis towards the house if they weren’t doing something about it?

Anyway, that’s pretty much it. those are just my thoughts so far in the season. Maybe I’ll change my mind as the season goes on, who knows? But there are still 10 episodes to go and I’m just gonna keep watching.



WHO A I didn’t knowmuch I wanted Jane and Michael together until right now yessssssssssssss bbys


?????? can we just go back to when Jane and Rafael were dating and in love and super freaking cute?!!?!! I really don’t even want to see Jane and Michael try to get back together ?? I’m just so over him and them ?? seriously.


Fans seem pretty torn about Jane’s decision. What are your thoughts? Are you #TeamMichael? Respond in the comments below!

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