Fandom Speaks: Jane the Virgin Becomes More & More Telenovela

Is it a good thing or a bad thing when a TV show lives up to its premise? When it comes to Jane the Virgin, the Tumblr fandom can’t seem to quite make up its mind.

Take a look at these reactions to last night’s episode:

oh my goodness… baby child poodle petra literally thought she was just a trophy wife… like she’s spent ages thinking she was useless and good for nothing except being pretty?? she’s spent her life with an abusive mother telling her her only use is as a pretty pawn to rake in cash?? and she’s been handed from careless person to careless person and everyone assumes the worst of her…

even though she was raised to scam people, and has been so often taken advantage of that she’s intent on striking people before they strike her? like… petra just wants to be worthwhile… useful… prove herself…

every time she seems like a bitchy blonde you hear why and it all makes sense.. like, darling… I’m pretty sure it was implied that she had a miscarriage, has had multiple loveless marriages she felt forced into… like… i just want her to know she is loved…

if I could I would definitely find Petra and hug her tight and buy her pickles and hug her and watch her favourite tv show with her and tell her I love her b/c she just deserves to be safe and happy!! and she’s such a cutie pie too!!!


My reaction to tonight’s Jane: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

like literally to everything from Rogelio not deciding to marry Xo in that moment to the weird Petra/Rafael resurgence (just…no), to Luisa and Rose to Jane and the prof getting together…so many things I DIDN’T want to happen!

It’s a telenovela so there’s going to be twists and turns but my heart now…ouch


Luisa getting ridiculously sexual over the phone and making Barnett flustered as all hell while at work is the exact kind of scene us gays needed and deserved


honestly, professor chavez is a good middle ground between michael and rafael


I get so nervous when a new episode of JTV is on because what will they throw at us next? Who’s dead now? Are there any relationships left to spoil? How about a new drug cartel? Mass genocide? Sheesh


Luisa and Rose are like one gloriously disastrous fanfiction trope after another.


I love how Xo and Jane are talking about P. Chavez like two best friends instead of mother and daughter


Did YOU see last night’s episode of Jane the Virgin? Post your own reactions in the comment section below!

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