Exclusive Interview with Younger’s Dan Amboyer

Dan Amboyer

I got the chance to chat with one of the stars of the hit show on TV Land, Younger. Dan Amboyer who plays Thad, a no-filter, fun-loving and ambitious boyfriend to Hilary Duff’s character Kelsey. Some fans think Thad is kind of douchy but that is certainly not the case with the man himself. Dan Amboyer is nothing like his character however there might be some qualities in Thad that he thinks may not be so bad.

Also did you know that this man is a singer? Born in Detroit, Michigan, Dan has been in theater since he was eight years old. He has appeared in shows such as Law & Order, All My Children, Body of Proof, Inside Amy Schumer, and Person of Interest. Or you may have recognized him as HRH Prince William in the Hallmark movie William & Catherine: A Royal Romance and the Jessie Nelson movie, Love The Coopers.

Recently I had the chance to talk with Dan about his most recent role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, what his dream role on Broadway would be, and what exactly is in store for Thad for the rest of season.

Congratulations on getting a season 3. What were your thoughts on getting another season?

“Yeah, we were walking on stage for the TCAs (Television Critics Association) when they said they were going to make the announcement. That was some extra excitement for the premiere launch! We’re super excited.”

What will Thad’s journey be like for the rest of Season 2?

“It’s really exciting this year because you get to know Thad better. This year it’s hard to talk about my arc because it’s  major spoilery. (laughs). Thad’s involved with really crazy and exciting stuff that starts happening half way through the season, and it continues all the way to the season finale. It gets pretty nuts and honestly I wish I could tell you everything but I can’t. I can say some of what I get to do is an actor’s dream (Laughs). It sounds crazy to say, but the challenges they gave me was an actor’s dream. The material that they gave me was amazing. I’m super excited about it and I don’t want to spoil it for the fans. I want them to discover and enjoy it themselves. I’m super excited for everyone to see.”

Thad is very much a character who the audience loves/hates?

“(laughs). Oh sure, yeah I get that all the time. Feedback or people on the street saying, “You’re such a douchebag!” or “I hate you” (P.S. for all the readers out there, Dan is very much a wonderful human being!)

Does Kelsey bring out a more mature and vulnerable side to Thad in their relationship?

“Well, I think he has very strong opinions. He’s very driven, very focused, and this year as you have seen already, Kelsey takes on a higher position and is more of a ball-buster too in her own right. She’s calling the shots and I think Thad sees that and he sees how special she is. He’s more into her now. I think both of them grow this season because Thad’s a Wall Street guy. He’s a finance shark. I think our paths become a bit more parallel this season.”

So you two become a power couple in a sense where both of you are very headstrong and determined?

“Yeah, and I think that Thad and Kelsey are both growing and becoming even stronger. That turns Thad on even more. (laughs). Of course Thad encourages Kelsey to explore her naughtier side or maybe have another drink but I think it’s all in good fun. I think their relationship has been based on good/fun times.

I think they are both young professionals living in New York so of course they’re going to go out and be on the scene and find themselves. They work really hard during the day and they play really hard at night. With Hilary and I and our relationship, we have so much fun together. So I always want to translate that as much as possible for our scenes, our interactions, and what we do. That’s what we aim for.”

Especially when you both are with the group (Liza, Josh etc.) you guys bring out the playful sides and fans forget about Liza’s secret. It’s always so fun and really enjoyable.

“I agree and there were a couple little things that happened. Unfortunately, they overwrite the show so we’ll get 38 pages but only 29 of them can air. So there’s more relationship development with Nico’s (Tortorella) character Josh. I think everyone becomes a tighter group this season. I think we were all getting to know each other during the first season. This season is more about the dynamics of the relationships. I’ve been enjoying the writing and what’s to come.”

Is there a quality in Thad that you admire or want to aspire to in your own life?

“I think we are both really different but I really admire how he says what’s on his mind and how he feels even if it isn’t politically correct. I don’t think he has a filter and I don’t think he’s even aware that he says the wrong thing until after he says it. I can appreciate that. I can get internal and heavy and I try to overanalyze things whereas Thad can be very straightforward. I admire that in some way. I really enjoy exploring more that side of him/me because it’s fun to let loose and do whatever. The sky’s the limit.”

And you can play off something that you probably wouldn’t do in your everyday life?

“Right, and it becomes an opportunity to dive into that. I will say that I do think I have taken some of those positive qualities into my own life. Now I can stand and tell someone what they are doing isn’t right and feel more confident in doing that and owning my beliefs and what I think, not that I didn’t before but I can be bolder than what I allowed myself to be. Now I know that’s okay and that’s good. I can be raw.”

Has there been a character that you found particularly challenging in your career so far?

“I try to find all the similarities between the character and me, that’s how I start. Then it’s what can I find in them that is similar to me. For example, William and Katherine, which was a Hallmark movie about Prince William growing up and meeting Katherine and falling in love and all the drama of that relationship. I mean I’m not English (laughs) I have no royal blood in my veins, I’m from Detroit. So that was pretty challenging.”

I was surprised that was you! I was very impressed.

(Laughs) “Oh, thanks. Yeah, that was completely different for me but there are also a lot of similarities between who Prince William is as a person and me. Maybe he would be like me if he were born into my circumstances or maybe I would be like him if I were in born into his. There were a lot of similarities but that was definitely a very different person with a very different everyday life than I have.”

Is there a dream role that you would like to pursue?

“I’d love to do a new play on Broadway. That’s my dream. As far as something that already exists I would say a musical called Urinetown: The Musical. I think Urinetown is hysterical so I’d love to do be in Urinetown.”

I think it’s hysterical as well, but whenever I mention it people’s brains kind of turn off and I get these weird looks. (laughs). I tell them it’s not as weird as it sounds.

“(laughs) No, maybe that title didn’t help. I mean it didn’t flop or anything but it was when 9/11 happened and it kind of shut down but I think there’s still hope for good old Urinetown. I also like the dark musicals like Cabaret or something crazy like Hedwig.”

Have you seen any productions recently?

“I actually saw The Book of Mormon for the first time recently. I try to see as much as possible and when you’re an actor and you live in New York all your friends are in shows. So there’s always something fun to see. I mean I grew up doing theater and I’ve been doing it since I was eight. It’s always really exciting for me to see new stuff and it’s even cooler to see my friends doing great stuff.”

Well, you probably will be up there with them.

“Yeah. Once I get some time on my hands we can do a show because the requirement is, at least, six months to a year for a commitment. It can be tricky but I’m going to do it! It’s going to happen, someday.”

Since the cast of Younger is so talented vocally will there be a musical episode?

“It’s funny because there’re so many singers in the cast. Sutton, Hilary, etc, but so far they’ve been anti putting a musical number into the show. We’re working on it. We’re gonna wear Darren Star down. Hopefully, we’ll get a karaoke scene or singing in the shower. (laughs).”

Hot-mitzvah Karaoke? That would be a fun episode.

“(laughs) That was such a fun episode by the way. That one was so fun because it took a couple of days to shoot. It was the first time that all of the cast were actually together. All of us were so separated before so that was probably the entire cast’s favorite episode of Season 1 to shoot.”

I also wanted to ask about your role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but since you can’t say much, did you have a fun experience?

“It was awesome! It felt a little bit like walking into a surreal world. I always imagined that when they filmed those type of movies it was a lot of green screens. I though there’s so much that was done in post production, but walking onto the sound stages was incredible! There were these humongous sets and it’s like you’re in another world. The sets are all so detailed and they’re so perfect. It was pretty mind-blowing to me that so much was real and wasn’t CGI. Also working with Zach Snyder was pretty cool! I’ve always admired his stuff. Overall I had a good time.”


Younger airs on Wednesdays on TV Land and be sure to check out Dan in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on March 25 of this year.

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