Exclusive Interview with The X-Files’ Aliza Vellani

Photo Credit: Liz Rosa
Photo Credit: Liz Rosa

Every sci-fi fan did a happy dance when they announced that Agents Mulder and Scully were coming back to our televisions. Not only is The X-Files reboot bringing back our favorite agents, but we are also being introduced to a whole crop of lesser known actors, like Aliza Vellani! You may recognize Aliza from iZombie and Little Mosque on the Prairie. For The X-Files she plays a character named Sandeep, who is an assistant to Dr. Dana Scully.

After telling Aliza how excited I was that The X-Files were coming back, my first question for her was if she had been a fan of the show before or did she watch any of it before auditioning?

I didn’t really watch it when it was originally on, I was a little too young at the time, but I did try to binge a bit of it before auditioning.

Which is basically the exact thing I did, tried to binge as much as I could before the reboot aired.

We went on to talk about her character and working with Gillian Anderson.

Working with Gillian was amazing. While between takes she would tell the best stories. She was a major highlight of my experience.

I did try to ask about her favorite scene to shoot, but she said that’d be giving too much away. We did talk about other characters on the show and what interested her about them.

I’d love to play the part of Mulder. Chasing all the mysteries.

As I mentioned earlier, Aliza was on iZombie for a couple episodes, and as a fan of the show, I had to ask about her experience.

That set was so much fun to be on. The people were all great. Plus I got to be made up as a zombie, so if that ever happens, I know exactly what I’d look like!

After guest staring on two quite popular shows, my mind traveled to all the other great shows on television now.

It’d be amazing to guest on Once Upon A Time. I love that show! It’s so interesting to me how they intertwine all of the classic fairy tales.

As we usually do here at Talk Nerdy With Us, I ended our conversation by asking Aliza what she was nerdy about.

My sister and I are huge Harry Potter fans. With wands and everything. (laughs)

I had a great time talking with Aliza, especially about our love for Harry Potter. Catch her on The X-Files Monday nights at 8PM on Fox!

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