Exclusive Interview with The Mowgli’s


The Mowgli’s a seven piece band from LA, consists of Colin Louis Dieden, Katie Jayne Earl, Matthew Di Panni, Josh Hogan, Dave Appelbaum, Spencer Trent and Andy Warren. 2015 was quite a successful year for the band. They were featured on So You Think You Can Dance and Guitar Hero Live. Talk Nerdy With Us recently chatted with The Mowgli’s about what’s in store for 2016. Read our interview below.


You’ve been doing quite a few free Pop-Up shows recently, what is the story behind that?


We have always been in the business of giving back to our supporters and their communities.  Pop up shows are an incredible way to connect with our audience.  We’ve often done popups with the support of local food banks and homeless shelters.  My favorite popup show of ours was at Austin City Limits in 2013.  The festival was rained out so we tweeted a location and told everyone to bring supplies for the Front Steps homeless shelter and over 500 people showed up with donations. 


The last song you guys released was your christmas song. What music can we look forward to hearing from you this coming year?


We have been writing constantly this year.  We want to release as much music as possible within the next 12 months so you can absolutely expect to hear plenty of new material. 


You’ve just got off tour with Lights. How is it touring as a 7 piece band?


For the first few years it was a challenge to find your individual balance while on the road with a lot of people.  For a while we were in two SUV’s, then in a van for multiple years, and now finally we are in a vehicle that helps us treat the road as our home.  I think over the last 2 years we have grown so much closer as a band that I don’t think we could tour any other way.  


Any crazy stories from the tour?


The last few tours have been really stress free. It’s been years since anything really weird has happened.


It is awesome that your song, San Francisco, made it onto Guitar Hero Live. Have you guys played it yet? Can you beat it?


I played it and it’s fucking difficult. (laughs). I was able to get through it, but I gotta say that it’s so much easier if you just pick up a real guitar and learn the chords.


You were also featured on So You Think You Can Dance. What other TV show would you guys kill to hear your music on?


It’s always exciting when any show or film wants to use your music.  I think the ultimate dream for a band’s music would be to encompass an entire television series or film. I feel like we would all want to hear it in the types of shows that are the most heavily watched, something like The Walking Dead, even though it would probably never fit into that show.  

Lots of fans are beyond excited for your unannounced upcoming tour. Anything you can tell us about it?


It’s gonna be a lot of fun.  We are working on the announcement, but I can tell you we are playing in a few places we have never played before. The shows will also be smaller and a bit more intimate…and hopefully we will be playing some new songs for everyone.


Any festivals you are dying to play at this year?


This year’s festivals all look amazing, but we’re taking this year to really focus on our work in the studio and as a band.  I think in 2017 you will find us at a lot of festivals, but this is the year of creating within the band.

Our site is called Talk Nerdy With Us, what kinds of things do you all “nerd out” about?

I used to think I was the nerdiest member of the band, but all of The Mowgli’s are total dorks.  Here is a list of things we nerd out about:


Star Wars

Harry Potter

Television shows we are binge watching

Books/comic books


Katie nerds out about Tina Fey all the time


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