Exclusive Interview with Palm Trees & Power Lines

12512826_993110200760565_2824643884019531302_nFrom Jacksonville, Florida, comes the pop punk band Palm Trees & Power Lines, and power they’ve got with their amazing single “Animalistic,” the title track of their second EP. They’ve played on the Vans Warped Tour the last two years in a row, and they show no sign of stopping their momentum any time soon.

How did you all meet?

Josh Cravey: “It all started when I met Kyle at a concert that we went to with our church. He was wearing an Angels & Airwaves shirt, so I made it a personal goal to be his friend. (laughs). He thought I was weird at first, but when I found out he played bass, and he found out that I played guitar and was looking for bandmates, he was stoked to join. Later we found Shafer when we were introduced to him by our old drummer. He was in a hardcore band at the time, so we were afraid he wouldn’t want to join, but he was actually overjoyed to be a part of it! Then Shafer’s mom actually found Christian on some band recruiting website. Christian hadn’t actually used the website for like a couple of years, but he had already heard of us, and decided to check his email one day and boom! He was instantly in.”

What are some of your biggest musical influences?

“Our biggest influences would be some of our favorite bands like Blink-182, Yellowcard, New Found Glory, 5 Seconds Of Summer, The Story So Far, Simple Plan, and many more!”

Tell us about your newest EP.

“Our Animalistic EP is some of our best material yet! It’s so full of energy. We always like to write songs that have an uplifting mood. We think this EP really captures that high-energy, happy sound that our fans enjoy. But you always gotta have a song or two with a little more emotion, which inspired the tracks ‘Selling Myself Short’ and ‘Better.’”

Where did you get your inspiration for “Animalistic”?

“The inspiration for ‘Animalistic’ comes from knowing a girl who seems awesome, but she’s actually a lot more crazy than you thought. She drives you insane, but you still can’t resist her.”

What’s the hardest part about making music?

“The hardest part is the writing process. It’s super fun to blend ideas together, but we all get writer’s block sometimes and we have an awesome idea, but we’re just stuck on it for days at a time and we’re always wondering, ‘Does this actually sound good? Or are we just going crazy?’ But at the end of the day, it always works out!”

What’s the best part?

“The best part is the recording process. It’s so fun to watch our ideas come alive and they just keep sounding better and better as we approach the final product. Every little guitar riff you add, or background vocal, or drum fill just makes the final product so much better.”

Any new projects in the works?

“We’re currently working on a new EP! We’re wrapping up production right now on a song we’re really stoked about called ‘Living The Dream.’ It has an awesome vibe to it, and we know our fans will love it! Some of the other songs we’ve written have that sound that our fans know us for, and some of them have a little twist. We’re stoked for everyone to hear it!”

You’ve played on Vans Warped Tour the past two years. Are you hoping to play again this year?

“We’re definitely hoping for that, yes! Vans Warped Tour is an awesome experience. A lot of bands that are famous now got their start on Warped Tour, so it’s definitely part of our goal as a band to play the full tour one year!”

What’s the best fan response you’ve ever gotten? (Gifts, emails, tweets, etc)

“One time when we were playing in Orlando and we had a couple of fans bake us a bunch of cookies with ‘PTPL’ written on them in icing. It was delicious and extremely thoughtful! It always makes me happy when fans do stuff like that!”

This is Talk Nerdy With Us, so let’s talk nerdy! What kind of nerdy or geeky things are you into?

“I honestly think we would take the spot as ‘Nerdiest Pop Punk Band.’ We are all obsessed with video games, old and new. From classic Pokemon games to the newest Halo and Call of Duty. We literally have days where we all bring our Xbox’s (Or Shafer brings his Playstation because he isn’t cool enough for Xbox) and just play games all night after practice. (laughs).”


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