Cosplay Closet Essentials: Thea Trinidad


ZyJsROcXThea Trinidad is a well-known professional wrestler, actress, and YouTuber…but did you know she also does cosplay? That’s right, she’s even more talented than you realized! Whether she’s sporting prop guns or her own biceps, this woman is armed and dangerously geeky!

How did you first discover cosplay?

“I first discovered cosplay when I came across Jessica Nigri’s YouTube channel. My thoughts were ‘Wow! She’s gorgeous, clearly talented in creating these costumes andddd I can become my favorite comic book, video game and Disney characters?! Where do I sign up?!’”

What has been your favorite cosplay to do?

“My favorite cosplay to do is Harley Quinn. I relate to the character more than I want to admit and have been a fan since the Batman Animated series.. A lot of girls I’ve seen have just jumped on the train now because it’s the ‘cool thing to do’ but all the real HQ lovers shine through!”

Do you make your own cosplays? If so, how did you acquire your skill set?

“Whenever I was brought in for a comic con to sign (wrestling fans and comic book fans definitely cross over) I purchased my favorite costumes like Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Dark Phoenix etc.. Until a fan of mine thought I would be the perfect Jade and gave me the exact Jade costume from MK9 (it’s not for sale anywhere, someone made it) I LOVED IT! I don’t have great sewing skills or know how to create with foam but I was willing to learn! Or at least throw things together to create an awesome cosplay.”

What’s the longest amount of time you’ve spent putting together a cosplay?

“Due to my job as a professional wrestler and actress, I don’t really have tons of time to spend creating these, so my Poison Ivy cosplay is taking forever because I’m hot gluing all the Ivy leaves on to a bathing suit. I like taking my time because it needs to be authentic looking to me.”

What cosplay genre is your favorite? (Comics, movies, TV, anime, etc)

“My favorite genre of cosplay is definitely comics! Although, I did have fun creating Disney’s Princess Ariel! I’m working on Scar now! My dog’s name is Kovu. You see where I’m going with this?”

Do you have any big plans for new cosplays in the near future?

“I’m working on Poison Ivy and Scar right now. The funniest one I’ve done was cosplaying Harley Quinn and The Joker with my dog. Now if only I could get Austin Aries to be the Kano to my Sonya Blade!”

What are some of your other favorite nerdy things to do? I know from your YouTube channel that you’re a big gamer!

“I am a BIG gamer! BIG! To the point where I’m up at 4am still playing Mortal Kombat because I HAVE to kill Shao Khan! It’s a passion I’ve had since I was a kid. Just so much fun and great community to be a part of!”

And finally, name three items that you consider essential to any cosplayer’s closet.

“Three essential items for any cosplayer’s closet? Hmm.. Personally I use a lot of GLUE, paint and my handy dandy scissors…don’t forget—Imagination!”

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