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Heads Up Nerds: SDCC Open Registration is Coming

San Diego Comic Con 2016 is on its way!
We’re just four months away from SDCC, but first, fans have to survive the registration wars! Dun dun dun! Whether it’s your first or 10th time attending, you must register for your badge during open registration.
Open Registration begins at 9:00 am PST THIS Saturday, February 20th! You can access the waiting room at 8 AM (authorize your browser) and receive your personalized code to prepare.
For more information on anything regarding the convention check out the San Diego Comic Con’s Unofficial Blog here:
Good Luck to everyone trying to purchase a badge! May the odds ever be in your favor!

Written by Shadia Omer

Shadia is a total nerd and a lover of all things pop culture. She watches way too much TV for her own good. She has a passion for writing about entertainment and when she's not writing or trying to figure out her plans in life, you can find her on twitter talking about her faves, one tweet at a time at @shadiawrites.

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