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MCM Devon Sawa

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Nowadays, most people recognize Devon Sawa from the CW’s Nikita. I hate to be all hipster, but I remember way back when he was the boy you crushed on in Now and Then and Little Giants.

Devon had several guest spots in the 90’s after the aforementioned amazing kid crush movies (SHUT UP, I’M STILL LIVING THE DREAM). His next major role came in 1998 as Sean in SLC Punk! In 1999, Devon moved into horror with Idle Hands, in which his hand becomes possessed. It’s also a bit of a comedy, but since I don’t do horror I’ve only managed the one-time viewing.

If you’re not a movie or television buff (in which case, WHAT), then maybe music is more your style. Devon played Stan in Eminem’s music video, “Stan.” It’s one of those videos that really hits you in the gut.  I liked the song when it came out, then saw the video and was floored. Devon really goes the extra mile to portray an obsessed fan. Trigger warning if you haven’t seen it (emotional and physical abuse).

Devon can next be seen in Punk’s Dead: SLC Punk 2, out later this year.

Mr. Sawa is pretty active on social media, so make sure you follow him on Twitter!

Written by Jenni Bradley

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