What Happened to Olivia Mabel?

ElfTree Media; a team of creative folks based out of Los Angeles, California and their team of podcasters, musicians and filmmakers are about to embark on their first short film project. The topic of the short piece… you guessed right!  Olivia Mabel and her bizarre death.

They are planning to call the film, Thoughtform. It will be a supernatural horror movie based on the unsolved mystery of Olivia Mabel; a grieving Texas woman who was found dead in her home in 1994 surrounded by a strange altar.

“On February 27, 1994, Olivia Mabel’s body was found in her secluded Texas ranch house sitting upright in a rocking chair in front of a mysterious altar dedicated to her deceased son. This is the unsolved story out of Celina, Texas.”

This and the rest of Olivia’s story can be found here.

This incredible tale is both macabre and mysterious.  It contains all the elements of a great horror story – a dead child, a grieving mother, a dead language and more. After fleshing out a script with some of the supernatural elements that were connected to the story, the team took a trip to Celina, Texas to scout locations in close approximation to the original Mabel house. They shot test footage over several cold & rainy days and used it to create their teaser; which can be found here.  Be prepared to be scared!

ElfTree Media has put together a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production of this film. The campaign will run from January 18th to February 17th, 2016.  The campaign can be found here.

If you are a fan of horror, unsolved mysteries, the supernatural or even if you just like a good old-fashioned jump-scare; then head on over to Thoughtform Film and help this team get their film produced.

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  1. This is by all appearances not a true story. If you Google Olivia Mabel, the same few websites come up, there are no obits for the mom or child, and looking up people involved( such as investigators) leads nowhere. Another “based on a true story” horror film-yawn.

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