WCW Margot Robbie

Today the first trailer for Suicide Squad dropped and the internet went wild. Well, *I* went wild. I can’t speak for everyone else. The main reason I’m interested in this movie is Harley Quinn. And the lovely actress who portrays her is, you guessed it, Margot Robbie.

Hailing from the Land Down Under, Margot has been acting since 2008. She was a regular on the Australian serial Neighbours from 2008-2011. She later appeared on the short-lived Pan Am.

This past year brought her to mainstream focus when she acted alongside Will Smith in Focus and Christian Bale in The Big Short.

But 2016 is going to be Robbie’s year. In addition to Suicide Squad, she’ll also be starring in Tina Fey’s Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and The Legend of Tarzan.

Make sure you follow Margot on Twitter and check out the Suicide Squad trailer!

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