Top 5 Moments on Supergirl Episode 1×09 “Blood Bonds”

In this week’s episode of Supergirl we find Kara dealing with family, friendships, and an identity crisis?

WARNING: Spoilers from this week’s episode of Supergirl will be shared in this article. Do not read further if you have not watched.

This episode of Supergirl showed great examples of how family can be a huge factor on the decisions we can make as an individual. Throughout the season we have seen Kara battle it out with her Aunt Astra and when times got hard, Kara looked to her mother for guidance. That is why when Kara believed that the memory of her mother had been tainted by what she did to her and her Aunt Astra, she felt a personal betrayal and was left with a different mindset. Her mind was then put at ease when Astra told Kara that her mother never stopped believing in the good that Astra possessed. This restored Kara’s faith in her mother because she understood that through it all, her mother was a caring soul and one that cared deeply for her family.

Despite their differences Kara still has faith in Astra. Kara believes, just like her mother, that in the end Astra will do the right thing and find the good in herself again. We see a little bit of that good when Astra calls off the attack made by Non, showing that there is a beginning to restoring a broken family.

There were some light moments in all of the chaos; for example, Clark and Kara having their instant chats will never not put a smile on my face. Hopefully this means as the chats continue Kara can casually mention that he should fly on over and visit her (just saying). Blood binds all of us. Blood makes a family, but we as people are all united through blood. We remind ourselves that we create bonds with people we care about and in the end that should be all people.

Oh, and lets not forget Kara’s ability to be the best-adopted sister ever by getting takeout all the way from Chicago! As well as standing up for her sister and her ability to lead, #DirectorDanvers anyone? Family is what Kara continues to fight for and it is through her family that she finds a part of her strength.

The other part of Kara’s strength lies with her friendships. James and Winn went through a lot of trouble to find out what Maxwell was up to, but it turns out Kara needed their help in a very different way. When Kara was making the impulse decision to face Maxwell, James and Winn held her back. Considering Kara could have easily pushed back, it was what they had to say that made all the difference.

Winn looked Kara in the eye and told her that if she gave into her anger then they would lose the fight and she would lose herself in the process. Kara already feels that she has lost everything that she believes makes her strong. Her job, her aunt, her mother, her ability to help people comes to a halt because she has lost faith in herself. James tells Kara that through the hardest of times heroes find a way. Heroes can be defined by the decisions they make; usually their decisions are good which is why they are called heroes. Except it is never black and white and heroes are always so much more complex, especially ones with superpowers.

Kara has to realize that being a hero doesn’t always mean having to make decisions on her own and that there are so many people who care for her and want to help her become the hero she strives to be. This was such a nice scene to see where the relationships we make from friends can be just as important as the ones we make with family.

Kara and Cat had some of this episode’s funniest scenes when Cat was interrogating Kara on whether or not she was Supergirl. Kara of course denied any comparison while Cat simply smirked and nodded. Of course Cat knows what she is talking about and tells Kara that she is fired from CatCo. Kara doesn’t understand but Cat quickly tells her that she will refuse to let someone who could save lives everyday be in a job that pulls her back.

Cat shows great respect for Kara here because she knows her ability and knows that no one should be held back from what they are meant to do. For Kara however, the job she has gives her a chance for normalcy and Cat keeps Kara grounded. This shows that women who hold their own are inspiring to other women who may feel lost at times. Women who encourage each other and have respect for the other can give each other great success.

Another one of Supergirl’s lighthearted moments had to be when Kara learned the secret of Hank Henshaw and that he was in fact J’onn J’onzz A.K.A. Martian Manhunter. She quickly used his powers to help her trick Cat into thinking that she is in fact not Supergirl. The plan works with J’onn (or Hank’s?) shape shifting ability, and Kara got her job back along with her piece of normalcy. Though the plan was a success and Cat is once again Kara’s boss it seems that Kara and Cat have really grown to respect each other in this episode. Even if Cat did believe Kara was Supergirl, hopefully as the season goes on that respect can be placed on only Kara and not just through the appearance of Supergirl.

Throughout the episode the audience knew that Maxwell was up to something. Whether it be not letting James into his building or taking pictures of his property, he felt the need to always look over his shoulder. Maxwell of course did have a plan and it includes having and arrangement for his own personal Jane Doe who shares some resemblance to Kara, except for the pitch black eyes. The question is what is Maxwell’s plan? Does it involve trying to create someone who can match Supergirl to destroy her? Or to create someone who can start a new era of the creation of superheroes? What are your theories?


Supergirl airs Monday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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