Six Notable Moments from the Pretty Little Liars Season 6B Premiere

Liars! The girls are back. We’ve fast-forwarded five years. Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily are reunited once again when Alison calls them for help. They’re all grown up now and definitely more adult-y.

*Warning, spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched the PLL winter premiere*

Here are 6 Notable Moments from the PLL Season 6 Premiere:

1. Broken Ships– Spoby, Ezria, and Haleb are all broken up and the feels are too real. After all those years, you would have thought at least one of them (if not all three) would still be together. Seeing them all reconnect after five years felt kinda odd. But I guess the Liars have moved on. Hanna is already engaged (huge ring alert!), Aria has a new guy in her life named Liam and Spencer is focusing on herself for a chance. (She’s a lobbyist!)

2.  A lost parent– Sadly, Emily’s father has passed away. RIP Mr. Fields. It’s true, we hardly ever saw him, but he always supporting Emily before and after leaving for deployment.

3. Toby is building a house, but for whom? *scratches head* As Toby and Spencer have their semi awkward reunion she finds him doing carpenter work. He’s building a house…but he won’t mention who it’s for. Guesses?

4. Aria told the truth- When Alison asks the girls to testify on behalf of Charlotte for early release, Spencer, Hanna and Emily oblige. They say they’re no longer afraid of Charlotte and that she isn’t a threat. But SURPRISE! Aria couldn’t lie. She admitted to still being terrified of Charlotte/’A’ and insisted that the judge not release Charlotte.

5. Charlotte is released, but soon after is found dead. HUGE shock! Charlotte is murdered! Who could do this? Who was after Charlotte? And with that, we are back to square one once again. A murder to solve and the girls being the prime suspects.

6. Sara Harvey makes an appearance– She’s back!!!!  After pretending to be ‘A’s victim and deceiving the girls (especially Emily) she returns for Charlotte’s funeral. What is she up to now?!?!

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