Ship Wars: Supergirl

New and popular superhero comic-turned-TV show Supergirl has a little something for everyone: action, adventure, family, and, you guessed it, romance. In fact, as of the most recent episode, there are three possible ships for Supergirl herself, Kara Danvers. Kara is sweet, quirky, and selfless, so it is not surprising that multiple men have shown interest. One thing the writers and producers have done well is making all three of these guys popular possibilities with the fandom. So, which of these men do you ship with Kara?

Kara and James Olsen. Due to his history of working side-by-side with Superman, James “Jimmy” Olsen may understand the struggles Kara experiences with being not only a superhero but also an alien on this planet better than anyone else. They work well together and no one can deny that sparks fly when they are in a room alone. It is also no secret that Kara definitely has a crush on Jimmy. However, Jimmy recently got back together with long-term girlfriend Lucy Lane and she has not only moved to National City to be with him but has herself a job at CatCo as well. Will Jimmy stay with Lucy and let any lingering feelings for Kara disappear or will he decide Kara is worth taking a leap of faith?


Kara and Winn Schott. Winn and Kara have been working together at CatCo for a while and have become best friends. When Kara decides to become Supergirl, Winn is the first person she tells and he quickly jumps on board, not only as her confidante, but also in helping her catch the bad guys. Because of their long-term friendship, Winn may just know Kara the human better than anyone else. It is also no secret, even to Kara, that Winn is in love with her. Unfortunately, she did not feel the same. Can these two overcome their current awkwardness and will Kara decide what she wants has been in front of her all along?


Kara and Adam Foster. Adam is Kara’s boss’s son who she is reunited with because of Kara’s meddling. Before they even knew their mutual connection through Cat, Kara and Adam were flirting in a coffee shop. In order to feel more comfortable, Adam asks Kara to join him and his mother for dinner and ends the episode with asking Kara out on a date. While Adam knows nothing about Kara’s secret identity, he may just be the breath of fresh air Kara needs after all the drama with Jimmy, Lucy, and Winn. Also, since the actors playing Kara and Adam are married in real life, there is a cute factor that is hard to beat. However, will Kara feel comfortable sharing her secret with Adam, and, if she does, will his response be what she needs?

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