Richard Rogers of the Band Secrets Talks Nerdy With Us

Secrets is a post- hardcore band out of San Diego, CA that formed in 2010. Their hard driving sound brought them to the attention of Rise Records, and their first release, The Ascent, made it into the Number 3 spot on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart in 2012. In the summer of 2013, the band released its second release, Fragile Figures, which made it to Number 59 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. Membership changes haven’t slowed Secrets down, and their third studio CD, Everything That Got Us Here, was released in December, 2015.

Recently, lead vocalist Richard Rogers took some time to answer questions about the band, touring, and their third studio release, Everything that Got Us Here:

Everything that Got Us Here is your third studio release – how do you feel that this one differs from your past work?

I had more to write about in this record as well as more room to try new things since it’s majority singing. Where on the other records we would pick a topic and the other vocalist and I would separate and write our parts. I think that the songs on this record make more sense and flow better because of this. We’ve also just grown and became much better musicians over the years.

Who are your current members, and what instruments does everyone play?

Richard Rogers – vocals/guitar (me)
Michael Sherman – guitar
Joe English – drums
Wade Walters – bass/vocals

Many of your songs are based on stories from fans. Are you close with your fan base? Can you give us a sample of a fan inspired song?

We have always made a huge effort to be involved and hang out in the venue to try and get face time with any fans that want to chat or vent or just hang. Being as accessible as we are I’ve heard so many stories from these people about their home life, school, self harm, love lives and I’ve used what these fans have told me for inspiration in some songs. Turn The Page was deeply inspired by that.

You’ve had various musical upbringings –Wade grew up listening to Christian music while Michael Sherman is an Elvis fan. How have you combined these different styles into your own music?

I don’t know, I definitely haven’t sat down with the intention of writing a song that sounds like a Taking Back Sunday song or Elvis, but I believe all of the music we have listened to just rubbed off on us enough over the years that parts in our songs may naturally come out sounding like one of the bands we love. I’m not the best at purposely mimicking bands, haha.

Secrets formed in 2010 in Southern California – can you tell us about how you met, what kind of music training you all have had, and did you have any idea your band would take off the way it has?

Joe and Michael were in a band together and wanted to start something new, so they found me, we had dinner at TGI Fridays and we all clicked so we flew out to Florida to record and the rest is history. We are all self taught and definitely had no idea things were going to happen so quickly, but it was awesome.

You will be starting to tour soon – when does that start and who are you excited to hit the road with?

The Everything That Got Us Here tour starts February 24 and I’m stoked to be on the road with all of the bands on the line up. This is gonna be a good time for sure!

Who are the bands you admire and listen to now, and who would you like to tour with in the future?

Death Cab For Cutie, Bayside and Brand New forever. I would love to tour with A Day To Remember.

8.Your first CD, The Ascent, made it to #3 on Billboard’s Heatseeker’s chart. That’s very impressive. How did that affect you as a band?

It just made us very happy. Haha we were so stoked!

Do you still consider your music to be post hardcore scream?

Listening to Everything That Got Us Here has some interesting acapella work and melodic metal jams. I just say that we are a heavy rock band. We play a ton of different styles.

What do you do for fun, when not recording or touring? Do you guys still hang around each other?

Video games, movies and food. We actually get along really well and hang out when we can.


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