Grayscale Releases “Palette” in Advance of Full-Length Debut

unnamed (2)As pop-punk makes a comeback nationally, there are fewer punk scenes hotter than in the city of brotherly love. Named by Vice magazine as the best punk scene in the country a mere two years ago, Philadelphia has been churning out some of the best melodic punk in years. Ready to set themselves apart is Grayscale. As they prepare to release What We’re Missing on February 12th, the band has just made their song “Palette” available for streaming.

“’Palette’ is about feeling shut out or left behind from a relationship,” says vocalist Collin Walsh. “As the song progresses, the lyrics turn into a ‘realization’ that the ending of the relationship was for the better. There are silver linings in everything. It just takes some time for them to surface.”

Performing actively since 2011, Grayscale has spent the last four years creating their own catchy style that has caught on with fans. While April’s EP Change proved successful, Grayscale’s full-length debut for Anchor Eighty Four records is their most emotional and complete record to date according to drummer Nick Veno.

“We put everything we had into these songs, leaving us completely unveiled and vulnerable, but in a way that was therapeutic,” Veno explained. “It allowed us to release the thoughts and feelings that were weighing us down, and tell each individual story from our perspective. We revealed our deepest emotion on this record, and I think people will take notice of that.”

What We’re Missing is available now for presale and “Palette” can be heard now at


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