Festivals, Events and Concerts – How to Get There With No Problems?

We all love concerts, events, festivals and those related activities. The year is just starting and it means that fun season is coming so, call your friends and start preparing everything for that special moment. Take a look at these experience-based tips and recommendations to live unforgettable moments.

Buy your tickets with months of anticipation.

This is a must; the first step, the first rule. You must be following the social networks and websites day by day, or maybe checking some show recommended Apps like Bandsintown , which will tell you everything about your favorite artists, events, tickets, tour dates, albums, etc. This way you won’t miss any notices

Have a game plan.

This could be also an excellent excuse to get reunited and chill for a while. Plan your next experience: who wants to go with you? Make a group, you can share trip expenses and also get better deals and offers. Check related websites and general information, plan the trip, how far out the event is? Sometimes it’s better to stay at a near hotel and return home the next day. Time organization (departure, transportation, event start hour, etc.) is fundamental.

Ask for a private transportation service and share it with your friends.

One of the biggest problems at these kind of events are the ones related with vehicles; traffic, parking, rides, etc. Don’t let them ruin your expected moments, there are many agencies that offer private transportation services like Uber, ShuttleWizard or Lyft. They will pick you up from a specific point and take you or your group to your event without a problem. They also have many vehicle options like vans or sedans. You just need to consult them and make reservations, be sure to check and compare them.

Check the event politics.

Try to avoid those annoying moments when event guards take away your personal stuff (food, accessories, beverages, etc.) We totally understand that you need to be absolutely ready and prepared for that special event, but check rules first. Make all your outfit and accessories event appropriate and take with you any allowed food, snacks, or beverages. Remember to stay well hydrated and fed all the time.

Pack light.

This is a very common tip when traveling or making a short trip. You really don’t need to bring many bags or stuff with you, it won’t be comfortable carrying things during the event, so try to pack just the essential stuff. Attention, a travel money belt could be an excellent option to keep your money, cards, and documents safe. 

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