Fandom Speaks: The 100 Post-Premiere Tumblr Q&A

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that The 100 is my very favorite show and has been my greatest obsession for over a year now. There is something about these characters, their personalities, how REAL they are that I can relate to more than any show I’ve had the pleasure of viewing and connecting with since Veronica Mars.

With that in mind, I’d like to share several posts from the Tumblr Q&A that I did after the premiere that I thought other viewers may find interesting, amusing, entertaining, or possibly even helpful.

anonymous asked:

I liked: Bellamy in love. Arkers having a “normal” life. Lincoln. Indra. I disliked: Octavia and her stupid tantrums. Clarke’s storyline is so dramatic, complicated and far-fetched that it’s no longer believable for me. She was a wonderful character but they’re slowly ruining her. Shame on them.


folieadunit asked:

There’s been a lot of speculation as to whether A.L.I.E will end up being more of a traditionally good guy or bad guy, but since there are no good guys or bad guys, and because I love wordplay I thought of this: A.L.I.E spells out ‘a lie’ which has been already tossed around by some people, and that ‘a lie’ sounds a lot like ‘ally.’ What if A.L.I.E’s purpose is to be an ally by creating a lie (different reality/enlightenment (light!!!) for humans to escape their fear, pain, and hate?


anonymous asked:

The best thing about season 3 – Raven’s red jacket is back!!! haha 🙂


So here are my thoughts while I was watching The 100 season 3 premier

I don’t like how Bellamy narrates
I like how Murphy instinctively pockets the gun
I never saw Murphy as the suicide type
Why didn’t the doors open sooner
I now have a huge crush on Harper
Hell yeah kabby
Who tf is that it’s way too forced
Phhhh my god I love Raven
Jasper has a drinking problem now ???
Octavia bae <3333
Aw she kept the Raven that Finn made her
Did he just say millers boyfriend ???
Murphy wins for best hair the whole show I lost my panties
I don’t like alie at all?????
Jasper you’re a fucking moron
Monty it’s not you’re fault !!!!!!
she’s like an entirely different person
Octavia is still just as badass as before
I respect Indra tho
And Kane maybe a little
Is that the girl she hooks up with ?? Cute
Lincoln has totally opened up he’s like a new person
Abby and Raven aw
Jackson I love him! He has such a good heart
Oh my god that was such a good line about kill marks
Fuck yes. Oh my god those moans.
That wasn’t entirely necessary at all tho. It was a good scene but what purpose does it serve? She’s not gonna end up with her
Linctavia omf
Fuck u jaha
Murphy you are so raw I love it
OMG EMORI?????????
Why tf is Shawn mendes here
Go back inside what are you doin
Clarke has nightmares oh my god
Jasper needs help asap it’s like he’s back in the mind-set he had during season 1
That’s a sneaky trap!
Oh no Clarke noooooo

how hard was it to keep all of this from us for so long ???
Sooooooo freaking hard.  You don’t even know! And there are still 3 more episodes that are faster paced than that one was with a LOT more going down.I will be SO glad when I don’t have to keep any secrets anymore and I can just speculate to my heart’s content!


anonymous asked:

I’m Bellarke but I really wanted to see Bellamy being sweeter, with illusion or “in love” with Gena. Where is this Bellamy? hahaha I don’t see chemistry. Bellamy is so indifferent… A girlfriend for Bellamy is the best idea ever. Now, I’m totally sure that he feels something for Clarke. Do you see chemistry between Bellamy/Gena?


anonymous asked:

Am I the only one who doesn’t hate the whole Shawn Mendez thing? Like yeah, the way they started the scene was so weird and felt kinda out-of-place, but as it goes on, I think it went okay and the transition between the scenes while he was playing the song was actually good? I really don’t get the fandom hate here, maybe they just don’t like it because of the shameless plug-in for the singer, but other than that I actually liked it(and I’m not even a fan of his)


anonymous asked:

I’m having a moment tell me I’m wrong. Is emori a figment concocted by alie?


Monty and Bellamy teaming up is all I want in the world.



anonymous asked:

Why did Murphy change his mind when saw emori?


fortheloveofbellarke asked:

My theory is that Minty is ALREADY canon. Miller was holding on to MONTY’S arm when during the verse that said “I wanna make love to you” or something similar. Monty was smiling And Bellamy saying “Monty is from Farm Station, so is Miller’s boyfriend.” Doesn’t mean that Bellamy isn’t STILL talking about Monty. In closing, MINTY is canon until proven otherwise.


anonymous asked:

Bellamy seemed like he was disconnected from Gina after she gave him the book. He’s connected with her, but she can never know some of the real stuff about him.


What did everyone else think of the premiere? Everyone agree that we are definitely in for a wild ride and a fantastic season?

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  1. Yes, Richard Harmon definitely deserves awards for his performance on this show! Watching him in scenes is always soo entertaining because of how raw his portrayal of John Murphy is.

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