Fandom Speaks: Shannara’s Eretria and the New OT3

What’s an OT3, you may ask? Well, in the world of fandom, it means a trio that you really wouldn’t mind having in a three-way relationship. You want all three to make heart eyes at each other, flirt with each other, fight for each other, and ultimately end up with each other.

Now that you know that, who in the world do you think fans would want to see hooked up with Eretria? Well? Isn’t it obvious? Wil and Amberle, of course!

Some of the things that fans are saying about them are cute and others are flat-out comical. Care to see?

Let’s check some out!

lethalclarke said:  allanon probably read the minds of wil, anberle, and eretria and saw all of them pining after one another i mean no wonder he noped out of going on that quest he doesn’t have time for that teenage drama when he’s getting mind fucked by the dagda mor

joyfullychaotic said:

why did they change so much though eretria didn’t join them until way later

ah I forgot

love triangles

Ok, so that’s only a couple. That’s because not everyone is down with a polyamorous relationship. For those who prefer a pairing instead, I’m betting you’ve considered…Wilberle! Or how about Ambertria?

agentshuntingbird said: it’s official, i’m such trash for wilberle and the shannara chronicles in general. hit me up if you wanna talk about it and maybe reblog this post if you post a lot of shannara chronicles/wilberle and i just might follow you.

shakespearedidnothavecumshots said: F*ck polygamy I’m all for Amberle and Eretria. Yep I’m all for it. Bring on the gay.

sublimeglass said: What I’m getting out of Shannara so far is that Eretria and Amberle need some alone time. Together.

oftheskyepeople said: sooo i’m thinking wimberle as the ship name?

If these blogs are any indication, it looks like we’re just about at a tie! So, who do you ship?

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