Fandom Speaks: iZombie Had a Meta-tastic Night

One of the fantastic things about last night’s episode of iZombie was, by far, the massive amount of meta that it contained. On Tumblr today there is no small amount of quotes and gifs of the favorite line of the night:

“You know what’d be fun? A zombie show where the zombie’s the star.”

Which was, of course, directly followed by Clive’s hilariously straight-faced line:

“That’s dumb.”

Making fun of your own show’s premise is definitely Rob Thomas gold.

And you can’t forget the line about the Power Rangers, nor Ravi’s excitement over the prospect of a new movie. I mean, Power Rangers? Which one did Rose McIver play again? Was it the Yellow Ranger?

Also of note particular note within the fandom is the scene in the morgue regarding the deceased’s gossip-worthy body piercing. Definitely a number of gifs and comments on that!

All in all, this was a beautifully done and incredibly creative episode that appears to have the fandom continuing to clamor for more.

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