Fandom Speaks: Arrow Fans Renew Worry About Who’s in Grave

It’s been confirmed now that Felicity is NOT the one in the grave that we saw Oliver standing beside at the beginning of the season. There was much cheering in the fandom and many sighs of relief…right before more gasps of fear shuddered through them. Now it seems that fans agree that if Felicity isn’t the one that they should be worried about, then Diggle is.

jillianleedy on Tumblr said:

We now know that Felicity is not the person in the grave. But there’s just one problem… There are a lot more graves to worry about now.

I originally believed Felicity to be the one in the grave because I thought they were trying to segue into the Green Arrow/Black Canary relationship (now that Oliver is The Green Arrow), which is established in the comics, and because Barry came to visit the grave with Oliver, so I was thinking that it would have to be someone Barry knew as well.

But, now after seeing this new scene with Felicity alive, I kind of think that it could be Diggle.


1) Because it would totally suck and be an absolutely shocking plot twist to kill a main character, especially considering that Dig is both Oliver and Felicity’s oldest mutual friend.

2) Darhk already tried to kill Felicity and is going to continue to try to kill those closest to Oliver, aka Oliver’s best friend.

3) Barry has met John, which explains why he shows up to the grave site.

4) I imagine League of Assassins-trained Thea and Laurel can probably handle themselves, so I don’t think it’s them.

5) Felicity tells Oliver, “You know what you have to do. You have to kill the son of a bitch.“

Those a VERY strong words coming from everyone’s favorite ball of sunshine. Clearly it’s someone Felicity loves and cares about deeply to warrant such a response. And what better person than a Team Arrow OG, aka Dig.

Just a theory….I could be wrong.

Still, anyway you slice it, we’re going to lose a major character that we all love.

But, I think the biggest shocker this episode was when Oliver and Felicity drove away from the cemetary. The camera pans out and we see hundreds of other gravestones!

Everyone in Star City better get out right now because I have a bad feeling that Darhk is planning a wide-scale city massacre.

And from loveeconquersall: 

Arrow writers, hear me loud and clear.

If John Diggle is in that grave I will set it all the way off. I will burn the CW headquarters down and I mean that shit.

From caelumrising:

What’s interesting is that, if Diggle did die and Thea is incapacitated in the hospital after the graveyard scene, that means Oliver and Laurel are the only to heroes that can deal with whatever hit the team. That’s an exciting idea.

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