Exclusive Interview with Anton Kellner from Anton Kellner and the Lone Stars

anton kellner

Anton Kellner & The Lone Stars new album, Understand, is set to release digitally February 26th but I was fortunate enough to preview the album. All I have to say is, WOW! Understand is such a great album both lyrically and musically. In certain songs, this band has managed to capture things we have all wanted to be able to say to friends but could never quite find the words. In other songs they just simply rock out. There is definitely an indie rock/blues/jazz feel to this album and I couldn’t stop listening. I hit replay at least three times.

With such an incredible album on their hands, we wanted to catch up with Anton Kellner before his big release.

Your newest album, Understand, has a great concept behind the album where you draw on experiences and events from other people. Do you have a favorite or most memorable story behind a song on Understand?

Thanks so much for the kind words! I don’t actually have a favorite. In a weird kind of way, they’re all a bit on the bittersweet side (even the songs about falling in love). Even though nothing on the record involves me in my personal life, they all did have some sort of effect on me emotionally. I wanted to lay everything out on the table and then wash it clean from my memory.
How would you describe the sound of Understand?
The sounds we played with on this album are way different than what we did on “You Were The Fire”. On the old record, we tried fusing pop/rock with folk. 80’s, bluegrass, and americana. More experimental. This new record we tried to hone in on more of a singer/songwriter meets blues/jazz type feel. I think the sound on this record fits the story perfectly. I don’t like to really limit myself to one genre. Progression is good! 
 After experiencing the whirlwind of releasing You Were The Fire, what are you most looking forward to after Understand is released?
I just love going through the motions during album releases. I love looking back on things I did wrong and the things I did right (musically). Whether or not it had to do with the recording process, the promotional aspects, or certain stage habits that I did or did not do. I believe this is another chapter of growth and evolution, and I absolutely cannot wait what comes next!
Is there anything you learned from your experience in releasing You Were The Fire that has helped or will help with the release of Understand?
Oh plenty. I’m not sure where to even begin with that one. I usually put full trust and faith in my PR team, The Catalyst Publicity Group, and they always do a phenomenal job. I wouldn’t be doing this interview if it weren’t for them. So I am very excited to let them take the wheel for a third time around.
What is coming up next? Do you have any tour plans?
No tours as of now. Of course if a good offer came about, we will talk. I think I want to drive the record at full throttle and see where it leads me with the future!
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