Doin’ It Raw (Live) Episode 6

If you recall, a few months back I wrote about a new podcast I started listening to that filled the void in my life while Teen Wolf was on hiatus in between seasons. Doin’ it Raw, a podcast created by Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey and actor Tyler Schnabel is a podcast that’s usually pre-recorded then released to the fans. For their sixth episode the guys decided to do something different, and the result, it was pretty awesome.

Early on Tuesday morning, the podcast tweeted that not only would they be releasing a new episode, but that it would be a special live broadcast! Instead of using their usual platform and releasing the podcast on SoundCloud or through iTunes, they took to a new site called Mixlr, which I previously had never heard of but now know it works seamlessly.

As if that wasn’t enough news for us, they then tweeted out a phone number for a line that would open at 7:45 (when the Podcast was to start) so that they could take calls live on the air. If you called the number right away you could leave a voicemail. They actually encouraged this, urging fans to leave song requests to play for the small pre-show.

At 7:35 fans clicked on the link to begin the pre-show playing a playlist, which consisted of:

When “You’re” Around – Motion City Soundtrack

Desert Days – Elenowen

Crosses – José González

Lean on Sheena – Bouncing Souls (A personal fave)

At around 7:45 if you listened closely you could hear Tyler Posey singing along, which kicked off the podcast. The first few moments consisted of the two Tyler’s simply freaking out by their well-deserved listener count. Schnabel confessed that we broke his “live radio” cherry and although he was nervous at the start, everything went smoothly.

Keeping true to their name, within the first 2 minutes of the show the word dick had already been said twice, giving the people what they want to hear. The rest of the show consisted of Tyler Schnabel announcing that he’s no longer working on Teen Wolf as Posey’s stand in (which you already knew if you followed him on Twitter and Periscope), the boys taking phone calls from three super sweet fans (Sophia, Cailyn @Cailyn215652, and Katy @@Mspennycrumb and just basically catching us up on everything that we missed since their last episode in London.

Part of the reason why I’m such an avid fan of these two is because of their pure candid-ness and I think that was evident in a segment where Schnabel opened up about his aspirations of becoming a full-time actor. Through talking about his position as a stand in, and being able to walk away from it to pursue his own dreams, he’s been able to inspire a lot of people who may have felt stuck to do the same and push towards their goals. And the same of course goes for Tyler Posey who has in the past year become an advocate for mental health.

In this episode he speaks briefly about dealing with discovering through talking to his therapist that he has adult ADHD. It’s so refreshing to be able to hear someone with such a huge platform openly talk about the importance of mental health and self-care. These two started this whole podcast to reach out to people and try something new. They’ve done just that within six short episodes and I look forward to seeing all they do with it in 2016.

Schnabel and Posey appreciate their fan base greatly, culminating the show by giving some people they know love and support a special shout out, and reminding us of why we’re all here in the first place, because of the wholehearted rawness (yes that’s a good descriptor) of the two, and of course, the show, Teen Wolf.

This episode was a great segue to the Season 5b premiere of Teen Wolf which aired on MTV later that night at 9:00 pm, but it also stands great on it’s own. You can listen back to it any time here and follow the podcast (@rawpodcast), Tyler Schnabel (@tylerschnabel), and Tyler Posey (@tylergposey) on Twitter to stay updated!




Don’t forget to catch new episodes of Teen Wolf Tuesdays on MTV at 9:00 pm!

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