Cosplay Closet Essentials: Kiba the Cosplay Corgi


Kiba the Cosplay Corgi doesn’t let a little thing like being a dog stop him from doing what he loves—cosplay! Since he is a service dog and attends conventions with his owner, he decided to blend in by being the most stylish dog at the con. (Assassin’s Creed cosplay photo by CourteX Studios.)

Kiba, how did you get into cosplay?

“I’ve worn doggie clothes since I was a puppy. I started attending cons with Mom in 2013 and figured it would be best to cosplay to help fit in! [Barks with laugher] So Mom started making costumes and props for me.”

You’re lucky! Not many dogs get to go to cons. Do you like posing for pictures when you cosplay?

“Well, I’m Mom’s service dog. So I have to go with her everywhere. Most of the time I do like to pose, but like most cosplayers, I also want some down time to relax.”

“Butt on the floor, pics no more” huh?

[Barks with laughter] “Exactly…but more like, hiding behind the table, pics no more.”

You must be a very good service dog to be able to do your job with so many people around! Do you ever get nervous?

“I’ve been a service dog for a long time now, so not much makes me nervous anymore.”

What are some of the characters that you’ve cosplayed?

“My main cosplay is Link from Legend of Zelda. I also cosplay Edward Kenway from Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Raphael from TMNT, Shippo from Inuyasha, Zwei from RWBY, Kiba from Naruto, Spidercorg (my own character from the Spider-Man Universe), and a crossplay Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon.”

That’s amazing! Quite the resume you have there. Do you ever have trouble picking out which cosplay you’re going to wear?

“All the time! Somedays I want to be more comfortable than others. Also have to think about what cosplay friends are wearing and if I can wear something to go with them. Then I also have to see what Mom feels like wearing eaching day.” [Barks with laughter]

Do you ever wish there were more dog superheroes to look up to?

“I do!! Hopefully one day there will be more!”

And name three things you think are essential to any cosplayer’s closet (or doghouse).

“A hot glue gun…well maybe not in closet [Barks with laughter], any device to watch YouTube to look up tutorials (life saver), and lots of snacks/treats to eat while making costumes and building props and also to eat during cons! [Barks with laughter]”



    1. I’m asking Kiba for them now. I must have missed them when I transcribed the interview. Thanks for the catch!

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