A Fan’s Experience on The 100 Set in Downtown Vancouver

This evening I got a message from a sweet, sweet fan who wants to stay anonymous but also wanted to share her experience on the downtown Vancouver set of The 100 the other day. It sounds like SO much fun and I’m both super happy for her and super jealous all at once.

Without further ado, here’s what she had to say –

“Hi there! I tend to stay quiet and private on social media, I don’t have any fan accounts either (frankly because the internet scares me haha) so I didn’t know where to share this without compromising my personal accounts, but I really wanted to share my experience of meeting the cast and crew to the fandom!

I was one of the lucky fans who was able to see The 100 in action while they were filming in Downtown Vancouver this past week. I really respect your love for the show and I was wondering if you could please pass on my non-spoilery testimony (anonymously) to the fandom, I would really appreciate it!

Can I just start off with how awesome the fans that I met that day are?!? Most of us came by ourselves or with a friend or two, but by the end of the day, we’ve all forged a friendship. There were fans out there of all ships and no ships (haha) and we all got along really well! It’s so beautiful to see just how united fandom can be.

Contrary to popular “Hollywood” belief, none of the cast and crew were snobby or rude or ungrateful. They were so kind and sweet, and they seemed really excited to see and talk to us! They made sure the fans had a great experience being on set, even though they technically weren’t obligated to do that for us.

Security was probably the most “strict” out of all of the departments, if you could even call them “strict” at all. Honestly, as long as you were following the guidelines (making sure you’re not seen in the shots, being too loud when they’re rolling, or taking photos/videos when filming) they were really chill and LOVED talking to the fans. Same with the production crew and the higher-ups. They even apologized if they ever sounded harsh to us at any point during the day, which they didn’t (at least, not to the fans who respected the rules)!

They chatted with us and even shared info on call times, who’s on set, where the next set is located, how long lunch break was until filming resumes, gave us tips on the best time/place/way to meet the cast, and etc.

At some point, Jason [Rothenberg, Creator of The 100] came to chat for a little bit, he also kindly asked us not to post/leak any spoilery photos/videos. Most of the fans respected this (keyword MOST),  but of course some still got out due to paparazzi, curious vancouver residents who were watching from their offices/apartments, etc. Honestly though, as spoilery as what’s been posted online seems, it barely scrapes the surface of everything we saw. IT’S SO INSANE. I don’t think the internet can handle it.

After chatting with Jason, someone from production came up to us was like “Jason’s so happy!  You guys are literally making his day right now. We never shoot in public so it’s rare that we’re able to interact with fans in person.”  I think that they really were genuinely excited to see the fans.

I know what some people are saying, but I personally don’t believe that they were deliberately drawing attention so that footages of the finale will be leaked online as some sort of publicity stunt.  Even if Jason didn’t tweet about them being downtown, people can and will find the set (even more so when said set is in a busy metropolitan area.)

Now onto the cast; Alycia, Eliza, and Ian: While filming, we couldn’t really interact much with Eliza and Alycia, however they did smile and wave a lot in between takes! There was a point where Alycia was warming her hands over a heater and when she realized she was directly in our line of sight, she giggled and started wiggling her hands more exaggeratedly.

Ian wasn’t filming that day, so he was able to interact with the fans more frequently! We found out that he’s also a producer for the show! Some funny conversations with Ian, which I probably shouldn’t share since it’s borderline about “breaking the rules.”

In one of the locations, Eliza was eating chicken noodle soup in between takes and was adorably smiling and waving. Then Alycia (who we thought was done filming for the day), came out of nowhere from behind us, in full on Commander costume and make-up! She talked for a bit and signed some autographs. She’s so precious and quirky, which is a lot to take in while she’s in Lexa’s get-up, war paint and all. At one point, the pen she was using wasn’t working and yelled out “oh man the struggle is real!” in her adorable aussie accent.

After they wrapped filming (around 8pm), we continued talking and chatting with the crew and we ended up at their huge underground warehouse were all the trailers (for the cast) and the trucks (for set equipment ) are.

At this time, most of the fans have left. A couple of us (maybe like 5-7), stayed behind half hoping to still see Alycia and Eliza but also half expecting that they’re probably tired and went straight home to watch the premiere.

Every time a car would exit the warehouse we’d get excited and think that perhaps Eliza and Alycia are in it.

Just when all hope seems lost (we were quite tired, some of the fans have been there since 10 am, and it was really cold and wet. Huge respect to the cast and crew for doing this almost every day! The weather is even more crazy up in the North Vancouver forests!) Suddenly a white van with tinted windows came out of the warehouse, we thought it was just going to drive by like all the rest. But then, IT STOPPED RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. THE DOORS OPENED. AND ELIZA STEPPED OUT, FOLLOWED BY ALYCIA.

After a long day of shooting in the rain, they were probably so tired, and just wanted to go home, and be warm, and rest. Despite it all, they still took the time to take photos and give out hugs to us fans.

I MEAN, THEY STOPPED A FRICKEN VEHICLE FOR US. It was so unreal. I mean, we were already so close to them when they were filming but being close enough for a hug, I still can’t believe how lucky we were! I just about died upon hearing their accents in person and that close!

I think a fan already mentioned it before, but Alycia does in fact smell really good haha, and she remembered myself and a couple other fans from earlier that day when she was signing autographs.

This goes without saying but Eliza is GORGEOUS! Like she’s already so beautiful to begin with on photos and tv, but those don’t do her justice at all. SHE’S EVEN MORE STUNNING IN REAL LIFE. Her cheeks are a lot rosier, and oh don’t get me started about her eyes!

Over all, it was a wonderful experience. I truly love a show that is just as phenomenal as the people behind it.”

Such glowing words about everyone involved with this show. KUDOS to the writers, cast, and crew for being who you are and doing what you do. And thank you to this fan who wanted to make sure and share her amazing experience with the fandom.

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