5 Reasons Why You Should Tune Into “Younger” Just In Time For Season 2


*NOTE: There are no specific episode spoilers in this post

1.) Classic Story With A Twist: If you are not familiar with Younger it follows the life of Liza Miller (Sutton Foster) a 40-year-old women who is pretending to be a 26- year-old for wok. Season 1 follows Liza’s journey of wanting a fresh start once she decides to live a double life and tries to make sense of what it means to “act your age”.

As the season progresses you see Liza trying to navigate her way into the 21st century. The audience (young and old) can relate to her situations. Whether or not you know what “Netflix and Chill means”, the show hits all the right points of being relevant with a story concept that has been done before, but in a fun new way.

2.) Word To The Wise: Whether you are in your 20s or already well into your 40s, this show has great messages for women. The show’s main characters are hard-working women with strong attitudes and opinions about who they want to become or who they know themselves to be. This show gives both sides to the story. Plus it is nice to see how women at any age can be relatable to each other and are learning from one other.

3.) Great Cast: Sutton Foster shines in her role as Liza. Maggie, played by Debi Mazar plays her encouraging and artistic best friend who is also in her 40s. Liza’s new double life includes a new friend, 26 year-old Kelsey played by Hilary Duff along with her other 26-year-old friend Lauren, played by Molly Bernard. Nico Tortorella plays Liza’s younger charming boyfriend Josh and Miriam Shor plays Liza’s new boss Diana.

This cast has amazing chemistry with each other and create such different atmospheres for Liza. You truly see the two different worlds she’s residing in, which proves just how risky Liza’s plan actually is. The shifts always feel natural and they know how to bring the jokes and millennial references to life. The writing is spot on and accentuates the drama of living a double life and keeping the daunting secret. Aside from the drama, the writing is also fun and expresses the adventure Liza is on. Every episode has multiple LOL (laugh-out-loud) moments.

4.) Binge Watchable: There are only 12 episodes to catch up on in Season 1, and each episode is 22 minutes. They are totally worth your time, and it’ll only take ONE day to catch up! So what are you waiting for? What are you not already watching Younger today?

5.) Picked Up For A Third Season: It’s true!! The second season hasn’t even aired yet and already Younger is set for a third season. It’s just that good! Now more than ever is the right time to catch up on Season 1, so you can watch Season 2 live with all of us here at Talk Nerdy.

Younger Season 2 premieres for a full hour on January 13th on TV Land.



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