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News: TOKYO GHOST Collects First Five Issues into Trade Paperback


In the soon-to-be-released TOKYO GHOST VOLUME 1: ATOMIC GARDEN, issues 1-5 of the popular Image comic are included, putting the first story arc into a cohesive collection. Writer Rick Remender and artists Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth bring this post-apocalyptic world to life. No longer just a pastime, entertainment has become like a drug to escape the horrors of the real world.

TOKYO GHOST VOLUME 1: ATOMIC GARDEN will reach comic book stores on Wednesday, March 9, and book stores the following Tuesday (March 15).

Written by AJ Mullican

AJ enjoys reading, writing, TV/movies, music, art, and cosplay. She has self-published poetry, short stories, and a novel. She is currently penning her second and third novels.

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