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Fandom Speaks: Thoughts About This Week’s Episode of The Flash

This week’s episode gave the fandom a lot to talk about. Wally West. Batty (Barry/Patty) breakup. The Turtle. It was intense. So what did the fandom think of it? Let’s find out!

The good:

From xxlovendreamsxx –

Cisco’s passive aggressiveness and sarcastic comments are literally all I live for

From 1man2hands

Oh dang. Kid Flash LITERALLY in the house. And what a cutie.

From myasylumisbetter – 


From girlfan – 

Cisco and his white whale.

Half turtle half whale?

Wow I didn’t expect the turtle being able to stop Barry

The neutral:

From actlikethecareless

Lowkey shipped Patty and Barry but OK, I guess nvm.

The not so good:

From theblackwook 

And seriously…

First Patty. Like she was a lil cute and kind but now she’s making a hell of a cheese out of nothing, going from meh to dislikable. I mean if that was the point of 10 episodes of chit-chat what’s even the point to have her in the first place ?

And now Jay being sick and nearly dying and ugh….

And then Wally. I had so much hope for Wally as he’s a character I really like and he’s here acting like a jerk, resentful toward Joe while Joe isn’t at fault. Like how would he have figured he had a son ? How could he possibly know ? And Wally not to be rude but you’re the one who showed up during a Christmas Party so if you’re unhappy about it you just had to not go and that’s all. Ugh this is so frustrating. Like the episode moved on nothing we’re the exact same point as 2×09, except with Harry and RF coming back. But seriously Flash writers need to up their game.

From onedcdame – 

F*ck you, Wally.

No, I’m sorry Wally, but no. You don’t get to be mad because Joe wasn’t in your life, that was your mother’s fault. Why would Joe think to look for a woman who left him AND assume she had a child? I hope they give an explanation for what Francine told Wally about Joe, because there is absolutely no reason for Wally to be acting like an asshole to Joe. I’m calling bullshit, because either Francine is a liar or Wally is just a $#%



And, the intriguing:

From spezzero-le-ali-del-destino –

So I have this theory about Zoom actually being Barry from Earth-2 and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it

From 7millionpens – 

I accidentally called Cisco crisco.
I’m ashamed
But also really amused

From makanvi – 

Found out that the Wests call Barry, The White Shadow, and I snorted.

Soooo..what did you all think of the show? Tell us in your comments below!

Written by Erica Schaaf

Erica is a former social worker and mother of three who has been writing since she was a child. She currently writes fanfiction for the Veronica Mars and The 100 fandoms and is published on Kindle Worlds as well as and She hopes to one day have the chance to be a fly on the wall on set of her fave shows while filming!

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