What Would Be Some of Your Favorite Characters New Year’s Resolutions?

As the New Year approaches, people have already begun making their New Year’s Resolutions. Most of these usually include going on a diet, getting a promotion or better job, finding romance or being more grateful. But what do you think some of your favorite characters New Year’s Resolutions would be?

Below are my ideas on the subject. Please note that the opinions expressed here are entirely my own and not that of Talk Nerdy With Us.

Rebecca Bloom, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


Rebecca is a smart, attractive woman.  It’s a pity that she has spent so much time obsessing over Josh. She needs to say “Enough is enough”. There are more fish in the sea (some are even in a bar. Hint, Hint).

Jane Villanueva, Jane the Virgin 


To finally decide between Michael and Rafael.  Jane has been wavering back and forth between the two men in her life.  She’s been furious with both of them and “ended” it on several occasions, only to change her mind. For 2016, Jane needs to make a final, final choice.

Alex Parrish, Quantico

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Alex had been trying to clear her name in the Grand Central Station bombing attack by finding out who planted the bomb and why was she set up. She learned who. The question that remains is why.

Clarke Griffin, The 100

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For someone so young, Clarke Griffin has a lot of guilt she is carrying around.  She’s made some hard choices for her people and has even committed murder.  Clarke needs to forgive herself.  This will be a difficult resolution for someone like Clarke Griffin who carries the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Kara Jor El, Supergirl

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Sure she’s been a little busy saving the world from dangerous aliens but even a girl from another planet needs romance in her life. Kara needs to bite the bullet and tell Jimmy Olsen how she feels about him.

Sam Winchester, Supernatural

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Sam’s mind is a tortured mess.  He’s been having visions of The Cage in Hell. And oh yeah, he’s now trapped in that cage with Lucifer.  Top resolution: Get the hell (no pun intended) out of that cage!


Okay, I could go on for many pages as there are loads of characters with resolutions that they need to make/keep.  But I’d be here until 2017.

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