The Vampire Diaries “Cold as Ice” Mid Season Finale Preview

Will The Vampire Diaries episode “Cold as Ice” leave viewers excited for the show’s return in 2016 or with an unsatisfied cold feeling? This article contains spoilers from Season 7 so if you haven’t watched this season yet, please do not continue reading.

There are some fans of The Vampire Diaries who are disappointed with the direction the show has taken. They are missing the heyday of the show of Elena, Stefan and Damon with their trials and tribulations. The current story lines involving Lily Salvatore and her family of heretics and Caroline’s magical pregnancy with Alaric’s twins haven’t exactly gathered rave reviews.

As the mid-season finale approaches, Lily has sacrificed her life in an attempt for sons Damon and Stefan to kill Julian, whose life was linked with hers. Ironically, Lily’s last selfless act was for nothing as Julian had their lives unlinked. Now, Damon and Stefan are on a mission to find and kill Julian. Meanwhile, Caroline is dealing with the emotions of being the first pregnant vampire. How will motherhood effect her?

What surprises will the mid-season finale hold for viewers?

The Vampire Diaries Mid Season Finale airs Thursday, December 10 at 8/7c on The CW.

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