The Growth of Monsters Continues to Spread in Justin Jordan’s Saga

Humanity’s only hope is a young orphaned baby named Hope in Justin Jordan’s Spread comic saga. What is The Spread? It’s a growth of monsters that has endangered civilization. Luckily for the baby Hope, she has Molly to look after her.  But Molly is an unhinged survivor of The Spread. Who is Molly? Little was known about her-until now.

In Spread #12, readers will learn Molly’s origin story.

Spread #12 will be available in three covers and will be in stores on Wednesday, January 13. Spread #12 Cover A is by artists Kyle Strahm and Felip Sobreiro.  The creator of Cover B is Camila Torrano, while Cover C artists are Michael Adams and Kyle Strahm.

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