Maybe you need a little something to keep you warm tonight while others ring in the New Year and you are home, comfortable, in your new joggers with your own bottle of bubbly, perfectly happy to be there. Or, maybe you need to start working out tomorrow and you need some of those photos to hang on the fridge to keep you from opening the door and wasting the hours you put in at the gym. Hopefully you just like hot-guy (and girl) super heroes in all their glory. Whatever you need, I hope this list brings it to you in the least sexist, most admirable way possible. I will call this the “Abs of Arrow” and we’ll leave it at that.

10. This is number 10 only because the Abs are actually covered up. It makes the list because we all know what is under that vest and we love the way the leather makes a faux six-pack.


9. This peek-a-boo view of Amell’s Abs is just enough.


8. These really are the Abs of Arrow. Sure, there are others but this really showcases the work these three put in. Bravo superheroes!


7. This kid deserves some recognition as well. Never have I seen a show that requires so many shirtless scenes that do not seem unnecessary.


6. Back to why we are really here. The Abs of Amell…I mean the Abs of Arrow.


5. These abs clock in at number five because they show the struggle and pain of being Oliver Queen and, because…tattoos. Here, number four will show a little more.


4. We all know what is about to happen in this photo. Number four is a reminder of how important it is to be in shape when taking on evil assassin leaders. Also, fighting shirtless in snow is totally ok.


3. This entry is from the pilot episode of Arrow where we first learn about Oliver Queen and the reason for his revenge-quest. This is also when I personally decided this was one of my new favorite shows.


2. Oliver always finds his way out of these precarious situations and thankfully he does so without the help of his shirt. Are you still reading the captions? Because really…who cares why these are here? They’re just fun to look at!


1. I will agree that number one looks a lot like number two but who cares. Whenever Oliver does these things with his arms up in the air, I lose my breath.


Well, Talk Nerdy Family, there really wasn’t any news of value in this article and I hope that in the future I will be covering much deeper subjects with actual news-worthiness to them. But for now, if you don’t watch Arrow, you should start. If you’re already watching, I’m sure you may have some opinions about my rankings and I welcome them. To the rest of you that just clicked in for the man-candy I hope this served you well. Happy New Year to all and we’ll see you in a Flash. (I’d cover that next but let’s be honest, Barry isn’t really an Ab guy).

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