The Originals Mid Season Finale: Are We Kissing Cami Goodbye?

46f7e220-81e4-0133-0c75-0e76e5725d9dThe Originals Mid Season Finale episode “Savior” was an emotional punch in the gut for the fans of Klaus and Camille, known as Klamille.  This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode, please do not continue reading.

While there may be viewers out there who are not for a Klaus and Cami coupling, they have to admit that regardless of any romantic entanglement between them, Cami has always been Klaus’ one true friend and confidant.  She was aware of his blood legacy and the cruel things he has done in the centuries of his existence.  But Cami also saw the good man behind the vampire.  She never passed judgement on him.  I have never been gung-ho for a Klaus/Cami romance, but have always enjoyed their scenes together because they helped peel back the layers of Klaus’ vampirism and allowed viewers to see the man.

Regardless of the family drama in his undead life, Klaus has always sought to protect Cami.  It’s unfortunate that her presence in his life, although a positive influence, has placed Cami in constant peril.  In “Savior”,  it appears that she has reached the end of the line.

After sharing a kiss before falling asleep, Klaus awakens to find Cami’s throat has been slashed.  Aurora really took the “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” to the deadly extreme.

The question for The Originals fans to ponder is whether Cami is really dead?  I have a theory that she will return to the show as a vampire and have mixed emotions about that.  I’m curious to see what Cami would be like as a vampire.  But I also wonder whether Klaus would be interested in a vampire Cami.  I always liked that Cami was the one person who Klaus could show his real self to. She helped to humanize him.  Without Cami, what destructive path will he now take?  Klaus and viewers may have kissed the Cami we knew goodbye.

We won’t have the answers to any Klaus/Cami questions until The Originals returns on a new night, Friday, January 29, 2016.


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