New Web Series Launches Starring Matt Dallas


ABC Family’s Matt Dallas (Kyle XY) stars in a brand new time travel web series called “Anne & Jake”. “Anne & Jake” pairs Matt together with Victoria Bullock, an up-and-coming director as well as co-star, Joi Mcmillan, an award-winning editor, and intelligent writing that tells the story of someone struggling to “fit in”.

The story starts in 21st century Los Angeles, where Jake, a socially inept but brilliant young scientist (Dallas) invents a time machine that not only changes his place in time, but sends him on a life altering journey.

He winds up in London…in 1814 where he meets Anne (Bullock), a headstrong and curious British woman whose upcoming forced marriage has her hating her life. The seven-episode comedic series follows Anne and Jake’s unique romance, as Jake deals with not only introducing Anne to the modern world but also working to figure out how he created time travel in the first place.

LoveDog Productions released the series ironically, and unintentionally on the heels of the 30th anniversary of “Back to the Future”.  The perfect time to take another look at the miracle of time travel and to explore it’s unique drawbacks.

“I hope people take away from the series that it’s okay if you don’t fit in and everyone finds a place,” says writer/producer/actor Victoria Bullock. “The crux of the story is about ‘belonging,’ for both of them.”

“Anybody who has ever felt like they wanted something different than what was expected of them is really going to love this show,” adds Dallas.

The first episode was released November 11, 2015, with new episodes rolling out on YouTube every Wednesday.


“Anne & Jake” can be found on YouTube Channel:


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