Mythical Noir Wolf Debuts New Story Arc in January

 Wolf, a mythical noir series, debuts a new story arc in January, 2016.

The brainchild of bestselling writer Ales Kot (Zero, The Surface) and artist Ricardo Lopez Ortiz (Zero), Wolf  #5 continues five years after Wolf #4. It is the saga of Antoine Wolfe and Anita, a teen who may be the Antichrist.

Wolf #5 promises many twists and turns.

Ortiz noted: “As tough as it is to fill in the giant art shoes that Matt Taylor left behind, I’m incredibly excited to take over on art duties for this new arc of Wolf. The whole creative team has come together beautifully and concocted an eerily fun and mind-bending trip of a story that will knock readers for a loop and leave them hungry for more.”

Wolf #5  is slated for Wednesday, January 20th.


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