Mimi Page: Ethereal Blues

mimi page

Coming from a musical family, it’s no surprise that Mimi Page began composing music at the tender age of five. Mimi attended many musical schools, learning the structure of music and how to manipulate sound to create the dreamy synth-pop that we hear on Ethereal Blues.

Calling the album “very spiritual,” Mimi states that she began in a dark place, letting the music write itself. The end result is a haunting album that chills you and carries you on a wave of melody. Each song is like a cloud, light and airy, full of sweetness and soul and a quiet power underneath the delicate tunes that belies Mimi’s youth.

Ethereal Blues is full of mist and mystery. As the song Hold Me says, there’s “fever in my heart, fire in my soul,” and that is exactly what you feel listening to these songs. There’s a hint of Enya influence in the music, though Mimi’s sound remains unique.

When not creating magic through music, Mimi enjoys playing video games as a way to wake up her brain and release pent-up tension.

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